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  1. Thank you for the info, I will let Mr. Gates know so he can change his records.
  2. I've managed to find out a little more info on our 1926 by first speaking with someone at RM Sothebys and then the curator at the Canadian Automotive Museum. I knew the Dodge Brothers factory opened in 1924 on Dufferin Street in Toronto but had no idea that they had used Detroit serial numbers on many of the first vehicles produced. Received this email this morning from Alex, the executive director and curator at the Canadian Automotive Museum.
  3. Well....looky here...Toronto built Dodge Brothers cars used Detroit serial numbers.
  4. In trying to find the original paint color for our sedan, I've been finding all kinds of information. Since I work with automotive paint on a daily basis, I figured it wouldn't take this long. Found out in a hurry that's not the case. Turns out that the original color of Maxine Blue can be replaced with a 1947 Studebaker color called Oxford Gray and the original color of Coolie Blue can be replaced with a 1940 Plymouth color called Boatswain Blue. FYI, the numbers listed just to the right of each color chip are the manufacturers present day color codes. I am amazed daily at how many people have opinions, and strong opinions at that, about which colors it should be refinished in. It makes me so happy how excited people are when they first see our Dodge Brothers sedan, puts a smile on my face every time. I had a 77 year old woman who was in yesterday to pick up her vehicle and was surprised when she made a point to stop by again today just to have another look at the car. She suggested "You cannot own a vehicle like this one and not have that Dodge Brothers Canada emblem either appliqued or embroidered on a jacket." Seems she is part of a sewing circle at her retirement home so she wants to suggest to the other people in the group that they get together and start working on it. I love people
  5. Does anybody have any idea what this little plate would signify? It's in the floor just in front of the driver seat and held in with nails.
  6. Have traced our Dodge back to 1973 but that's as far as I've gotten so far. It was owned, 1973, by Wes Thompson of Blenheim and it's because of him that it had been so well cared for, wish I could thank him for that. Eventually, it ended up at a RM Sotheby's auction in 15-16 September of 2007. Funny thing is that the fake "Ohio 1934" plastic plate on the front was what ended up helping me trace the vehicle.
  7. This was most definitely an interesting purchase since when we picked up the ownership, it was documented as a 1929 Dodge Whippet 2 Door Sedan/Coupe (Green)
  8. This information was taken from www.allpar.com
  9. When I walked by this vehicle over the weekend past, the similarities kinda jumped out at me
  10. I think it's a type B, it has black leather interior and the original paint color was Coolie Blue which was also used on 1940 Plymouths.
  11. From what I've been able to gather so far, Canada didn't keep a record of serial numbers till around 1928-29. That's why I'm still trying to figure our exactly where it was built.
  12. Is there a way to post an album that I can add to as we restore our piece of history?
  13. I keep trying to post pics but am having a hard time doing so. The Serial Number Plate on mine says Dodge Brothers (Canada) Limited, Toronto, Canada. There is a brass plate above it stating sold by Moore & Hughes Limited, Toronto Canada. The serial number is A651509 but in all the documentation I have seen, this is listed as a US serial number. The generator and starter in mine was made by North East Electric Co in Rochester, NY. Mine has wooden spoked wheels. When we bought this sedan, the ownership had the wrong VIN and called it a 1929 Dodge Whippet 2 Door Sedan/Coupe in Green. It's actually a 1926 Dodge Brothers Series 116 Deluxe Sedan in blue so I guess I'm gonna have to have the ownership changed which should be buckets of fun