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  1. Where in Colorado is pickup located? I see a couple for sale on the front range.
  2. Bumper jacks were commonly used as jumper cables in the fifties ( in my experience) as automatic transmissions became more common. If you think about it for 10 seconds, you’ll figure it out. I’ll give you a hint: if polarity of vehicles was different you needed two bumper jacks, other wise one.
  3. Those bumper jacks also doubled as jumper cables
  4. The speed limit on the Kansas turnpike when it was completed in 1956 or 1957 was 80 mph for all vehicles trucks included. I was two manning ( called team now) a truck from Colorado to New York City in 1961. Round trip took about 4 days. 3400+ miles. Truck speed limits 50 to 70 mph depending on state and road. Cars 55 to 70 mph. Not much interstate, but plenty of 4 lanes, turnpikes, and good two lane roads with passing lanes. Good roads versus vehicle saturation much less in those days. Western states much better roads and higher speed limits with much less vehicle saturation at that time.
  5. Old speedometer cable makes a dandy “go around corner” fuel gauge. Maybe a small lead weight on end if turns are severe. I use to have one made up to check the fuel in a truck mounted welder.
  6. In the mid fifties, as a teenager I worked in my Dad’s truck/ tractor ( or anything that needed repair) repair shop. The nearest parts house was in a town 30 miles away. The salesman for the parts house visited us twice a week. He told us that every new vehicle built left the factory with Bar’s Leak in it. Might have just been a sales pitch. If so, it worked. Every engine overhaul/rebuild we did left with Bar’s Leak in it. I’ve never forgotten and have used Bar’s Leaks products to this day successfully.
  7. In ‘73 or ‘74 I helped a fellow ferry 6-8 new GMC pickups he bought out of state. When we got them home, we noticed one of them had Chevrolet badging on one side.
  8. Jubilee

    Engine knocking

    My experience with the 307 ends with the 1968 model. ( disclaimer). I would start by pulling and replacing sparkplug wires one by one while engine is running. If knock goes away on a particular cylinder when wire is pulled you know it’s probably a valve train, bearing, or piston problem on that cylinder. If knock doesn’t go away while pulling wires, I would check torque converter bolts. Make sure they’re tight. Very rare instances of harmonic balancer causing unusual noises.
  9. Post reminds me of the movie “ The Gods Must Be Crazy”. Overhauled a Land Rover and it was so tight the fellow didn’t dare shut it off. No parking brake. All gates at top of hills. Hilarious.
  10. In the early days of 4-ways, it was illegal in Colorado to use them if you were moving. It was on the chauffeur license test. I always blamed the PA. turnpike for starting the slow moving, or “I’m just scared” 4-way flashing phenomenon.
  11. My Dad was born in 1900. He use to tell me in his younger days overweight people were an oddity. Children were scolded for staring. He passed in 1993. I wonder what he think of the weight of the population now.
  12. As mentioned, depends on what parts you’re looking for. Car is a GM A body platform so I’m guessing lots of interchangeability. Monte Carlo, Century, and ect.
  13. I think how they hold up depends on where you live (humidity, elevation, salt water). Also, paint color. I live at 5000’+ and in low humidity area. I have eight vehicles that stay outside year around. 3 or 4 go under car covers in the winter because they are not driven on winter roads. I tend to keep vehicles forever. Of the outside vehicles, I’ve owned the oldest for over 50 years and the newest for 12 years. All are light colored with the exception of a 1970 cj5 Jeep which is bright red. I painted the Jeep with acrylic in 91 or 92 and it’s starting to fade. It’s on the “to do” list to paint and I’ll clear it this time. Paint is good on all the others. I keep them waxed and maintained especially rubber trim I’ve never had a problem with rust, rot, mold, varmits, and ect., but all my vehicles are steel, no wood.
  14. I remember being late to school because I had to file the points in the “vibrator” ( never knew correct terminology) in the radio. Points would sometimes stick when radio turned off/on. Radio had to work for car to move.