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  1. Hi this is Dennis truck looks really nice I live in Cobleskill NY which is not to far from you I have a good friend who has a house in Lake George he goes up on the weekends if he is going up this weekend I will call you with all my info and maybe he will be able to come and look at it I trust his judgement if that is okay with you
  2. I'm looking for a 1936 dodge pickup I have already posted under wanted I want a truck that is completely stock with all or most of the hardware you can post back here at Lawn mowerman
  3. The 37 looks good I still looking for a 36 dodge pickup I'm in Cobleskill NY I like to keep my budget at between $5-$7000 in fair to good shape. I was looking at a 36 in real nice condition for $6500 its still being advertised but I backed out because I felt it was a scam. Be careful truck posted says Michigan seller is in Portland after I told him I would send out my own person to view truck and hire my own transport co. and to hand him a certified ck he writes back not interested already sold truck. Would not speak on phone wanted money to a company to hold in escrow for 7 days was being shipped by Good Transport If I didn't like truck he would take it back no charge and shipping was only $509 from Oregon to NY. But anyway I will keep looking
  4. My grandfather started a landscape business in 1936 which I operate today with my son as a kid he always had dodge trucks and cars I'm only assuming that's what he started with so that's where the 36 comes in
  5. I hope your right as of now it's like looking for a needle in a hay stack
  6. Looking to buy 1936 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup, completely stock, most if not all hardware from factory - artillery rims, moon caps, gauges. etc.