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  1. I called Firestone and Midas to schedule a transmission service. Neither would do it, apparently fearing that in the course of servicing transmission and changing the filter, it is possible it would adversely affect the shifting, making the car undriveable. I then scheduled an inspection at a local transmission specialty shop that has loads of experience with A604 transmissions. He test drove, says runs well, thinks a transmission service and filter change will 'cure' the problem. Note that the day of the test drive it was in low 60's. I bought the car 3 years ago without service records. He thinks just old fluid and filter. Scheduled for next Friday, Apr 19. Will update.
  2. Good advice, I plan to take it to a good transmission shop for a transmission service and inspection. Let the folks who know what they are doing take a look. Thanks, Jim
  3. Let me add another to the list. I have 205232, a 1990 Arctic White, Ginger with Tan Top, V-6. Have had it for 3 years, runs well, nice solid car. More than meets needs for very comfortable drop top to cruise around in. Gets all kinds of attention. Goes faster than the law allows, or I need to. Granddaughters love it. Jim
  4. I have a 1990 TC V6, with 4 speed AT. Recently I have a problem that when I back out of my driveway, I shift into either Drive or Overdrive, the transmission does not immediately engage. I have to sit for a bit, let idle, before the transmission will engage. Often, I will have hesitation at several stops before this hesitation ceases. I suspected fluid levels, checked, added fluid, have driven it probably 100+ miles since then, problem recurs. Seems to be worse in colder weather. Thoughts please? Jim