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  1. Thanks guys. I've been putting fuel system cleaner in every time I fill it up, didn't think about the filter though so I'll have a look at that. I was running 89 octane ethanol free in it at first but wasn't sure if it mattered so I've been done premium a few times too, might go back to ethanol free then. It's nice to finally see where those timing marks are now too. I'm only getting a code 21 now so once the O2 sensor is replaced maybe I'll be done for awhile. Hopefully.
  2. I'll have to give it all a try, thanks guys. I tried to read as much as I could before I started posting but we were at a loss. It took us forever to find those rubber bushings for the alternator. As for the fuel system, I've been letting the tank get to about half or a quarter and filling it up and putting fuel system cleaner in it. Do you think that's enough or should I do more? The rattling is also driving me nuts lol. I may just put some heat resistant foam between the oil cooler and whatever it's vibrating against. Is this a normal issue or is this unique to me?
  3. Here is another short video of the idle, if it's within normal tolerances then I'm happy with that. I just want to be absolutely sure ya know.
  4. Also the timing is still confusing us, how the heck are we supposed to make sure it's right with no timing marks?
  5. Does the "irregular idle" also cover the big dip that happens 16 seconds into the video? Is the very rough starting in the morning also normal for these cars? I just want to make sure the thing isn't going to implode on itself and will survive a 4k mile journey in the future. Future fixes include the power antenna, it pops up but won't go very far up and won't go down at all (debating just replacing it with a little rubber antenna), the controls on the passenger door don't work and I think the AC needs to be recharged. It wasn't kicking on at all so we took the belt off for now. I'm mostly concerned about just making sure mechanically it is fine though.
  6. Hello all, I have been lurking these forums for about a month or so now, trying to educate myself on the mistake I might have made before actually posting. I was going to make a large introductory post on the vehicle I bought, problems I'm having, things to fix, etc. But I've run into an issue and can't really put it off any longer. I've bought an 89 TC, original owner was this ladies father who passed away, drive it a few times a week etc. It had less than 47k miles on it when I bought it, the lady put less than 200 on the car from 2011 to 2019. After getting the vehicles I had all the belts, fluids, plugs, wires, cap, rotors etc. replaced. The fan wasn't coming on the the temp gauge wasn't working so we replaced both temp senders, gauge works now, fan works now, but the car starts like ass in the morning/after it sits for awhile and it doesn't idle right. I didn't really drive it enough prior to this to notice if the bad starting and idle only starting after replacing stuff or not, but I'm pretty sure replacing stuff made it worse. I replaced the alternator (it wen't bad) the rubber bushings holding it at the the right angle were dried and cracked, we've replaced them (the belt only squeaks a little when you first start it now). I was looking around on here for idle issues and I saw O2 sensor come up and though "Hey, that's pretty easy, just unscrew the old one and screw a new one in". Stupid me. I checked my codes and the only code I was getting was 22, we replace the temp sender (again) and now code 22 is gone but now I'm getting a code 21, the O2 sensor. Why am I now getting a code 22? Probably because we broke the sensor trying to get the damn thing out. I need advice, how do you guys get this damn thing out, we can't get an angle good enough to remove the damn thing, it's in too tight and we can't get it out at any angle. I've managed to move it slightly, but not enough to get it out with a ratchet and obviously my efforts have made things worse as i've got from not having a code to have a code. The only things we can think of is removing the exhaust or the manifolds (6.5 hours of labor, not happening). Am I missing something easy or did someone just tighten this thing down way too much? Is there an easy way to replace the O2 sensor? Below I'm going to link a short video of the way the car idles, you can see the big dip it does every now and then but the gist is the RPMs wobble around, sometimes worse than other times but especially bad after sitting awhile. Idle air controller was clean and good and throttle body is clean (supposedly) so did I waste my time even bothering with the 02 sensor? What else could it be? I have to replace it now anyway. Side note - I don't have any timing marks, anywhere, at all. How the hell am I supposed to set/check timing? Is this normal or has something gone terribly wrong? I appreciate any help and sorry if my way of explaining things bothers you. It will only get worse from here. Here is the link to my tachometer, enjoy. side side note - apparently my transmission oil cooler is vibrating against something and causing that rattle. Has this happened to any of you? Advice to fix or should I just shove some heat resistant foam between it and whatever it's touching?