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  1. My plan is just to ride it for fun on the property and take it camping. It will fit perfectly in the garage of my motor home. So, just for fun! For other people to enjoy. That’s all. Not trying to spend a lot of money
  2. Thank u Johnny and scooter guy. Yes, I had a feeling that this scooter has been modified or such. It’s okay with me. I just want to get it running again, even if not original etc. I have been in contact with Don in Newberg Oregon regarding some parts. Hoping he can help. Do you have any other contacts for parts? Especially tires. The ones I found online are over $100 each! Right now she is completely dismantled and at the shop getting powder coated and painted. Hope to start putting her back together very soon any help is very much appreciated. This will be in memory of my dad who just died in November. Thank you. Shelley
  3. Any idea what model this is? It was my Dad’s and he has passed away. We have had it for about 40 years. Starting to work on it. He removed all the decals and we haven’t found them yet. I don’t remember it ever having fenders or any fairing. Maybe a striped down model we have? Thank you. Shelley
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