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  1. Ryan, I do not do any casting work, or have a lot of restoration experience, especially on vintage vehicles, but I can help with most any machine shop work that is small enough for me to handle. I would not recommend drilling and tapping the present hubs, especially by hand, as you could easily mess them up. The 5/8 Packard bolts look similar, but they would not be authentic if a judge knew the difference. Mike's suggestion could work, but be sure to get grade 8 stud material. Grade 8 is 4140, heat treated to around RC 30 for toughness. Best wishes with the project.
  2. Ryan95, I can help you. My name is Ralph and I am a semi-retired tool & model maker for over fifty years and have a home shop in North Florida. I have made specialty parts for many antique cars and other equipment in recent years. I would use 4140 hex stock, commonly known as chrome/molly. Stainless, although it would look good and not rust, tends to stretch. After machining, I can send them out to a reliable plater for nickel plating. 12L14 contains lead for free machining but would likely not be strong enough for wheel studs There is truth to rolled threads being stronger, but these
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