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  1. Hello everyone,, A friend found these original drawings and one print that are signed by Dwight Allen. One of the pieces sports a caption of "Abingdon on Thames" and indicates it was intended for T-shirt use. The watercolor one is a bit more cartoonish as you can see but the others have a technical feel to them, very appealing I think. These were found locally in Portland, OR but there might be the possibility of him being a UK artist given the caption and also that many of the cars are RHD, tho that may simply be a result of the marque in question. Dates range from 1992-96. Any help appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone,, I have a question about the alternator on my 71 Jaguar E Type series 3 alternator. I have attached a couple of photos for clarification. I am not certain if ground wire "A" goes to terminal "B" or "C". It may currently be in the wrong location. As shown it is on the "B" terminal. Is this correct or should it be on "C" terminal? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone,, I bought a 1914 Locomobile a few years ago. I had found this some where - maybe a flea market. it looked interesting but I have no idea of what it is. Maybe a race trophy the last line has 10 on it. any ideas??? mobdro lucky patcher kodi \ Plzzz help me asap,....
  4. Hello everyone,, My friend Wray Schelin is having a open house/party at his new shop in Central Massachusetts. My dad and I will be going and bringing a car, others will be bringing cars too. Should be a good time. Wray always has cool stuff in his shop. A.J. Here is the info about my Open House/Car Show/Music and more September 26, ( Saturday) 11:00 am to 6:00pm Pro Shaper Sheet Metal LLC 253C Worcester Rd. Charlton, MA 01507 I specialize in making custom sheet metal panels for collector cars ( I have made XK 120, 140, 150 Jaguar panels for 29 years) I also teach a four day class every month on the art /craft of shaping sheet metal and coachbuilding. I also design and build the specialized tools used in the craft. I'm having an open house at my new 20000 sq ft shop in Charlton, MA on September 26 ( Sat) from 11:00am to 6:00 pm. 253C Worcester Rd. ( Rt 20 west ) Charlton, MA 01507. My shop is located in an industrial park and all of the other businesses are closed on Saturday so parking shouldn't be a problem and the area is safe and very private. Arrive in your collector car it will be part of the car show. I'm hoping to get a great mix of fantastic cars. There is room on the pavement and grass side yards for about 100 collector cars. Expect a Car Show/ Music/Dancing/Food/and Collector Car Sheet Metal Shaping Heaven. There will be two sets of music 2:00 pm and another set at 4:00 pm. My daughter Alison will be singing backed up by some of the finest musicians from the Worcester area. Expect Janis Joplin, Big Mama Thornton, Koko Taylor, Fleetwood Mac tunes and lots more. A friend that promotes dance parties has said he will install a 25 ft by 25 ft dance floor. Hope to see you on Saturday September 26. Wray Thanks for any help in getting the word out to JANE members.
  5. Hello everyone,, Much has been written about the importance of vetting and maintaining original survivor cars. Throughout the 90's I began to see the shocking trend of street rodding and restoring beautiful cars, which to my eyes needed nothing. In my collection I have a number of all original survivors. What become obvious, early on, was that at a car show, no matter how good they looked, they were being overlooked by the casual show goer. Even though the original paint was still as factory applied, and still shined, and the interiors were near perfect, as came from the factory, they would never look as good as a restored car. My days of having my cars judged are mostly behind me. For myself I don't care, but I thought that the cars deserved better then what they were getting. I mitigated this a bit by including the car's story when I displayed them. The response has been very gratifying. Real car people get it, all they need is to understand that they are looking at an original car, not just a poorly done restoration, from thirty years ago. I also think that more car shows should provide a place where cars of this kind, can be displayed together, and where they can be appreciated for what they are.  I believe that the people with their original survivors, would benefit from a dedicated portion of the AACA form where they could post pictures and tell their stories. I think it might help to give these cars and their owners their place in the sun. What say you?
  6. Hello everyone,, I've got a few springs that are twisted and bent on my front seat. I'd like to replace them so the seat doesn't have a soft spot in it anymore. There are atleast 4 different size springs used in the seat. How and where does one buy new coil springs and how do I measure them? Compressed? Uncompressed? Number or coils? Diameter? Snyder's Model T Supply is only 45 minutes from my house. I know they started out as a seat spring business. I plan on calling them next week. Thanks