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  1. Wow! I was off my computer all day yesterday and missed all the great replies! Thanks for humor and great advice--what a group!!! Several people asked what the car is. '79 Datsun 280ZX in pristine condition. Donated by a great guy to a wonderful charity for the auction. Definitely less of an antique, I can see, than what a lot of you collect. But your advice is great! I'm landing on: enjoy it as a car, park it carefully, hopefully where I can see it, don't hog spaces, don't park in crowded lots, remember that people will probably give it some respect when parking nearby. And, oh, yeah, enjoy it as a car! Also, thanks for other advice, like taking it to an appropriate mechanic for a thorough check--all set on that! And the pictures, LOL. Thanks!
  2. So I am completely new to the world of classic cars, having just won one in a raffle!! What a joy, what fun we are having learning to take good care of our new friend. Among the many questions we have, and one that I'm having a harder time tracking down an answer to, is about what to do with it if we go somewhere! Whether just taking a stop at a restaurant, or taking a longer roadtrip with overnight stays, what's the best guidance on where and how to leave the baby? Thanks!!