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  1. Yes mine is a Super. I fooled around for a couple of minutes today and there is power to both the L and the R turn signal bulbs when the left is on. I have a wired diagram and will just have to start at the beginning and work my way to the end. I noticed that there were several flashers in the other "spares/junk" that came with the car. I will have to figure out that part of the circuit and see where it goes. Thankfully the only chips in the car are in my picnic basket.
  2. You sure can cure a lot of ills by cleaning up grounds can't you?
  3. I bought it from my lifelong best friend. He was probably a third or fourth owner. It was built in CA and I think stayed it's life there. These is a surprising amount of rust underneath. Not Minnesota salt rust but rusted bolts, trunk floor wiith small holes etc. Guess 60 years will do it. Could have been near a beach as well
  4. I am sure you are right. I am inching further and further from home till I get it sorted. When I turn on the left turn signal both rear lights flash. Shouldn't be too hard to track down but don't want to get too far until then.
  5. Thanks boys! That's what it looked but seemed odd. Yes my Buick is on the road. I am removing 60 years worth of grease, grime and lord knows what else underneath the car. Previous owner did a nice job with the body, interior, engine and hopefully the transmission. It had some pretty good drips showing but I think quite a bit of it was ATF coming from a leaking low pressure power steering hose, dripping down the endine and blowing back onto everything. I have a small leak from the front seal of the differential. I've spend several days underneath it and hope that I am done at
  6. I'm replacing my Stabilizer Bar Links. The new replacements have longer spacers and bolts. It seems to me that they will be OK since I think the motion between each of them is realtive. Any thoughts? Kevin
  7. Working underneath my new to me 58 Buick. What is this little tube coming out of the top of the transmission?tube? Is it a transmission vent? If so does it just vent where it is or does another hose need to be attached? Kevin
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