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  1. Hello Everyone, My father and I are looking for a brass car, were not very picky on brand or year. Anything from a complete project car to a restored car would suffice. My budget for this would be 10k for a project and 20k to 25k for the right running/ driving car. We have spent the past 25+ years rebuilding and enjoying model a and t Fords. As time passes our interest has been shifting more and more to the older vehicles, the vehicles not every guy has. We are pretty handy with body repair, rebabitting and mechanical items so unless the car is incomplete im confident in being able to make it run. Cars that have peaked our interest have been: Buick Model 29, 10, EMF 30 Curve Dash Olds Reo Maxwell If anyone has anything that they think would fit the bill, feel free to post it or message me. Thank you, Matt
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