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  1. Thanks Dictator 1947 Austin 16 Thnaks for the help and the lead .....
  2. Hi Guys, I only have this phot of my grandfathers car. He was a car enthusiast here in Australia. Im guessing its pre 1940 because of the head lights not incorporated on the front fenders May be a Mopar due to the single Windscreen (not s plit windshield like GM based cars?) and grill with horizontal louvers??? Not sure about the wipers operating from the bottom Not sure if it has suicide doors I cant make out the hood emblem either Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Guys Im chasing the followowing parts a pair of Rocker Panel mouldings to suit super coupe 8 An original 41 Rocker Cover to suit dual carby setup Please Pm me JIm
  4. Guys I cant thank you enough!!!! I did exactly as you said and problem fixed. Thank You so much for your help ...appreciate it !
  5. Hi Guys Working on my thermostat and spring loaded valve body. I bolted it in and have coolant pouring out of the top one of the bolt head. looking inside the body I see a hole that the bolt passes by that the coolant is leaking from . What is that hole for and should it be Welsh plugged ........ any pictures or guidance would be great cause I cant find anything in the manuals.
  6. Hi Im chasing a 1941 Buick rocker cover for my Super Coupe 8 . I need the one that allows the tube to be d\connected back into the air filter . My contact details are jim@yellaterra.com.au
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