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  1. Thanks for your advice. For whatever reason, I don't know, the escutcheon and the handle are locked together. Maybe the previous owner epoxied them together. I finally removed the handle and broke the thread off the escutcheon in the process. The retaining nut was the actual escutcheon so, had they not been locked together, the escutcheon should have just screwed out like the nut on the ordinary window winder. I will reuse the handle and escutcheon by drilling 2 holes for grub screws to clamp against the square shaft. Many thanks, Geoff
  2. Thanks David, but I'm not quite there yet. The back quarter windows handle have a nut that can be unscrewed to release the handle. The handle for the windshield doesn't have that nut. It has an escutcheon behind the handle (see picture) which turns with the handle and I haven't been able to release the handle from the escutcheon. Has anyone else seen this setup?
  3. Does anyone know how the winding knob is removed from the windshield regulator of a 1928 Buick? Picture attached. I have the mechanism out, which needs some work, but I can't remove the inside trim panel because the winding knob is keeping it on. The mechanism is positioned in a steel channel about 1/2" deep. It is welded in place. It seems I will have to grind off the welds to repair the mechanism. But, I would like to remove the upholstered trim panel before getting into it with an angle grinder. Kind regards Geoff Ward
  4. Hi there, I am wishing to replace the vacuum windshield wiper motor on a 1928 Buick Victoria Coupe. It needs to be external to avoid interference with wind up windshield, and waterproof. 6 or 12 volt (still 6 volt but I have installed a 12V inverter for accessories). Any suggestions as to a suitable wiper motor? Kind regards Geoff Ward
  5. Thanks for the suggestion to move to a more appropriate forum. The question has now gone away as the person who had the '27 has decided not to part with it.
  6. Hello, can anyone confirm whether the 1927 Master engine and the 1928 Master engine are essentially identical and interchangeable? I know there is a difference in the water manifold - 1927 has 3 inlets and 1928 has 4 inlets. Any other differences? I have a 1928 Master and have been offered to buy a 1927 Master engine. Kind regards Geoff
  7. Many thanks Greg, I have that one. There is a verse that starts "Riding through the country, away from all the crowd..." I am particularly looking for the complete song with chorus and verse. Can anyone help? Kind regards Geoff
  8. Hello I am trying to get a copy of a piece of sheet music called My Buick, My Love, and I. Back in 2001, one of our members sought the same sheet and a member named Bob Leets offered to send it him a copy – see link below. Bob’s email address was given as raleets@juno.com I have attempted to contact Bob at that address but am told it is an invalid address. Are able to tell me whether Bob Leets is still a member of the club and, if so, what his current email address is? If not, does anyone else have this sheet of music and would be willing to send me a copy? Many thanks. Kind regards Geoff Ward
  9. Thanks everyone for you comments and thanks Rod W for the copies of the manuals. The problem has been solved and it is quite amusing. A friend who was around helping me spotted that the brakes on my car did not match the setup shown in the manual. It turned out that the brakes had been assembled incorrectly by the person who restored the car 25 years ago. The backing plates were on the wrong side and the main pull lever (lever no. 23) for the front brake actuation was in the wrong position - it pointed up instead of down. We swapped the backing plates over and pulled apart the universal joint that connects to the actuating mechanism in the backing plates to reposition the lever and, voila, after adjusting the brakes, they are working very well. For the past 25 years it has mainly been the rear brakes doing the work. That said though, the front linings were worn almost as much as the rear linings, so they weren't totally inactive. With the new linings, I couldn't get the front brakes to work without an huge amount of pedal pressure, so I don't know how they worked so well before - because the prior brakes weren't too bad. And, yes, I did use woven brake linings. Once again, many thanks. Kind regards Geoff Ward
  10. Hello from Australia. Can anyone offer comments concerning 1928 Buick brakes? I have recently had the brake bands relined. The brakes seem to be adjusted correctly and all movement points have been lubricated. The brakes overall are not very effective. Only under hard braking down a good hill will the front brakes warm up. The rear brakes can get quite hot but are still not great. Eg, I can't lock up any wheels on a loose gravel road. Is there any way of increasing the braking force on the front wheels. It seems that any adjustment to shorten the rods/cables will just be undone by the equalizer bar. Kind regards Geoff Ward
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