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  1. Wow. What a cool looking body. The rear reminds me of so many different cars - VW Beetle, Bentley, Tucker. Never seen one before - must be unique to Australia? Peter '41 Roadmaster coupe
  2. That's a pretty impressive fleet. Thanks for the comments - I'm really looking forward to it....still hasn't been picked up yet..Grrrr. Peter
  3. Again, truth be told, I kinda like that environment as weird as it sounds. Less exposed, maybe? I dunno...my wife is always telling me to turn on the lights because I like watching TV in the dark. My issue would be aethetics and I don't think it would look as good on my car as it does on a solid, dark color like maroon. And I don't want to run over any stray kids! I might get a trafficator anyway 'cause it sounds cool. Matt, your '41 convertible is off-the-scale gorgeous. And I love the look of the ears.
  4. Thanks all for your comments. The truth is I do like the look of the maroon coupe with visor above but my first priority will be elephant ears. I think they look great on Keith's coupe (do you happen to have a shot of the rear??) And then fogs, and then I'll contemplate a visor. I seem to have a burning desire to put my stamp on the car in some fashion....like a dog marking his territory.... Peter
  5. And not trying to stoke controversy but I like this '41 with visor.
  6. Yes I can understand that. I guess my point is that it depends on the car. Wouldn't put them on a MB 190SL but probably look good on a fifties cruiser. BTY, I like your visor! Peter
  7. I really don't know (yet). I'm getting it from a private owner in Colorado, and I was told it was originally from Denver but nothing nailed down. It perportedly had a body off restoration - and the pics of the undercarriage support this - but when this occurred is a mystery. The owner at the time was a Naval Commander, J. Glass, who moved to Alabama. Haven't really dug into the provenance yet but intend to.
  8. Thanks Neil. Yea, I agree with you guys, no visor...dumb idea. But I do like the '41 fog lights and "elephant ears". Do these ever surface? Peter
  9. Eeesh! Well it worked on my Packard which would have been pretty boring without it but a car like this is a different story. I don't think all visors fall into the "curb feeler" catagory of tacky assessories, but you have to be careful! Thanks for your thoughts and no worries, this car will remain a class act. Peter
  10. No Buick yet - hasn't even been picked up but I understand these things take time. I know this is up to me, but what do you think of putting a correct exterior visor on this? My '50 Packard coupe had one and it looked great. Peter
  11. Thank you Matt and Mike. I decided on Passport so I should be OK - thanks for all the good advise. I did make a point of steering clear of brokers which I might consider for a pedestrian modern car but not a classic. I really like the paint scheme - just the right balance of taste and flamboyance (if that's the word..). Your Century will look beautiful in these colors. Still 2 to 3 weeks away...argggg. Brief History: Like many of you, I'm not a collector, but since a teenager I've owned 1 cool car at a time to goof around with. Best of the bunch include a '55 Century, '50 Packard Super 8 Deluxe Coupe, and a '58 Continental convertible. All of them needed work to some degree, but I got them to respectable condition. But I've always wanted a pre-war car so the '41 Roadmaster is the mother load for me. I know how valuable these forums can be so I look forward to seeking your advise and giving it when I can. And, Mike, my wife and I are considering Ashville as a retirement location - hear it's great. Thanks boys, I'll chime in when I get it in a few weeks. Peter
  12. The paint code on the data plate is 576 - Monterey Blue Metallic (see picture of plate on page 1 of this thread) The car is 2-tone with a blue body and grey top and hood section. Was this car totally blue initially? Thanks, Peter
  13. Good Lord, Keith, you are quite an artisan. Still having trouble finding a carrier that is rated high and doesn't have a bunch of negative reviews. I've checked out Passport, Reliable, Horseless Carriage and others and they all have people mad at them! Either not showing up on time, lousy communication, damaged vehicles, ...damn. I know you can't please everybody but nobody yet rises to the top.
  14. Thanks Keith - look forward to talking Buick with you. And I'd love to see pixcs of your restoration. Can anyone recommend a transport company? I got a quote from Reliable that was more than I expected. Peter
  15. Man, that car looks great. Love the Looooong hood and maroon color. You are the first I've "met" who has the same car. Wonder who McLaughlin is... Peter
  16. Managed to get a few more pics...can't wait until it gets here. Anybody here from Maryland or Northern Va? I'm in Bethesda right outside DC
  17. I thought about driving it home - and the seller suggested it too - but I'll take the safe route and ship it here. This car is not going to be thrashed about but coddled and hugged for as long as I have it. I'll have to clock into local Buick events now that I have one (I had a '55 Buick Century and a '50 Packard coupe in my 20's but no way near the calibre of this '41). Car has some good upgrades too like electronic ignition, electric fuel pump (as well as the original set up), new wiring harness and quarts clock internals. Thanks again all for your encouragement and advice, particularly Neil and Matt. I think I got a good one based on your comments. Regrettably, I don't have many good pics of it (yet). I'll keep you guys posted. Is there a registry where I can get a sense of how many '41 Roadie coupes are out there? Or how to contact owners of the same car? Peter
  18. It was a close call, but I managed to get it. I'm about to pee in my pants...(I'm 65 so I do this anyway) Now to get it from Colorado to Maryland. Peter
  19. You guys have been great. If all goes well, we'll be getting to know each other. Thanks so much for your help and opinions. Peter
  20. Thanks Neil. Does $30k seem about right? We haven't really gotten into asking price ye (gulp). The engine I've been told is very strong but don't know yet if it has been totally rebuilt . New interior and older repaint in factory color combo but not originally this color.
  21. Let's try this.....please tell me this works.
  22. Shoot - they appear for me. Let me post just one and see if that helps..
  23. Thanks again, Neil. Yes, I have read Matt's guide - very helpful. While I am not in it for the investment, I am trying hard not to loose money as I've done many times in the past! Here are a few pics...
  24. Thanks Neil. I've been told '41 Roadmaster coupes are far and few between. Are they considered rare and what would you pay for a good one? valk
  25. Hi Folks, Thinking of purchasing a 1941 Roadmaster coupe an aquaintance of mine has and am doing a bit of research. Seeking informed opinions of the car, particularly the twin carb set up, and anything else informative like desirabilty, how it compares to other years and models, what to look for when assessing condition, etc. There are also a couple of beautiful '41 sedanettes for sale (46S) in Hemmings so I am torn between all three! Valk
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