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  1. Those are absolute Beauties but it is definitely being needed between 1915 and 1920 unfortunately but you have some beautiful vehicles
  2. Also thank you very much for your help it is greatly appreciated
  3. A friend of mine is a purchaser and this certain vehicle is what they are looking for they needed between 1915 and 1920 and for the serial numbers to match but preferably nothing that has been restored which I do know of a few items probably will be but they literally are looking for original and willing to ship as well... car is needed ASAP though so that's why I'm kind of in a rush
  4. I'm very new to this and I am helping a friend of mine try to find a 1915 through a 1920 Dodge Brothers Touring Cabrio they would like the serial numbers to match from behind the steering wheel on the firewall down to the springs in the front of the vehicle please let me know if there's any more information you need for I am learning myself
  5. You are a blessing and a lifesaver, thank you so much we will be contacting them today! Thank you thank you thank you
  6. Yes sorry it will be a convertible and I am in Houston Texas
  7. Hello everybody. I am new to this site and I know I'm probably going on a long shot here but we are in search of a 1915-1920 Dodge Brothers Touring Cabrio. We know they are hard to find but we are willing to pay for the vehicle plus shipping if need be and if anyone knows where we can find one we surely would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help
  8. Hi everybody I'm new to this site and we were wondering if anyone was selling a 1915-1920 Dodge Brothers Touring Cabrio? We know it's a hard vehicle to find but we are in search of one if anyone knows of someone selling one. Please let me know if at all possible thank you so much in advance