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  1. Garnet - My mechanic already did all that - no luck. Jjezz
  2. Wow - I'm having the same problem - have been looking for a rear caliper that I was told would take care of the parking brake problem. Now I'm not so sure? Can my caliper be re-built and would that solve my problem? Sorry I'm not mechanically inclinded - Jjezz
  3. Am in need of both front door bezels for my 1989 Chry TC.Maserati Anyone? Jjezz
  4. OK - another problem - my mechanic can't find a slow drain on my battery - dead after sitting overnight. He is an old Chrysler man and has checked everywhere he can. It is NOT the pull down of the soft top - he checked that. Does anyone have any idea how to find this without it costing an arm and a leg???? HELP....Jjezz
  5. Marty14 - I think I would like to purchase it - cost please? I looked on www.arizonaparts.com - but didn't find a match. Thanks, Jjezz
  6. Am in desperate need of caliper for passenger rear....anyone have one? CoCo