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  1. i have personally alway graviatated to 65-72 muscle cars, 69 chevelle being my all time favorite
  2. still here just working nights last night so long night, this is a lot of good info and i think i am going to pitch the idea od a driveable option that needs minor restoration, and goin to ask her to wait about 10 years so my son will be 13 and he can help pick it out and work on it and when he turns 16 it will be his i am also in the progress in transistioning to civillian life and that i think needs to come 1st before a project car
  3. Here is the car she wants to buy, the guy says it runs (havent seen it run) he is asking 2600 but already said to my wife he would let it go for 2k. I told her I see 5 years and 40K min to restore she thinks that this is outrageous and doesn't know where my numbers are coming from. my numbers are a WAG but i thi are on the low end can anyone verify, thanks in advanced for the help and thanks everyone else for your posts. Matt
  4. Thanks again, I will post pictures of what she wants to restore tomorrow, but we are in S Texas and, a couple things she has priced out is 400.00 for a whole new interior from mexico, 350 for an engine re build kit, the car we found has been sitting for who knows how long with no spark plugs in it, needs some body work due to rust and all windows replaced she thinks we can get this 1949 styleine deluxe to where its ready for shows for under 10k and that it should be worth 30-50k when we are done
  5. thanks for the insight, just to dot all my i's and cross all my t's are you speaking from a great deal of experience in this field. Just doing my do dilligence here please don't take offense none is intended
  6. Hi all, 1st post here and have little to no experience with cars other than changing oil and basic service, and a bit of second hand info from my dad doing a off frame restoration on his 1955 Ford T-Bird convertible. My wife wants us to start a project car and I want to get some recommendations before starting out. I am military so I am subject to move every 2-3 years, and I know there is extremes when it comes to resto's but any info is greatly appreciated. 1. what is typical budget for a restoration? 2. Length of time to complete a Restoration? 3. Amount of
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