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  1. I didn't know for sure but when it first happened my first thought was that it was a broken or disconnected lever or arm as Ronnie described. The pictures were very helpful, thanks. As Ronnie said, it looks like it would not be an easy fix. I'm 78 years old and trying to do under the dash kind of jobs don't appeal to me a whole lot. I've had the car for about 21 years and although I have other cars, I still love it and use it a my-go-to car for local transportation. As my wife often teases me when something else goes amiss with it, "but it sure is a pretty little thing, isn't it".
  2. Well, the defroster problem still exists. I can find no vacuum leaks, I've cleaned the Climate Control Module as per the instructions from Barney Eaton. I looked for the instructions on cleaning the air flow as per Phils38cpe's comment but couldn't find anything on it. I did have a mouse build a nest in the blower housing once and recently I thought I smelled a dead mouse in the car so it's possible a mouse could have plugged up some air passage. If anyone knows a cleaning procedure for the air ducts, please let me know.
  3. Duh, I finally figured it out that the little black tab was the locking pin and once that was depressed it slipped right off. Sorry.
  4. Can someone tell me what the technique is to get the connector off the back of the Electronic Climate Control module? I've tried pulling it off but it doesn't seem to want to pull off. I don't want to pull too hard for fear of messing up the connector. I can't tell if it has a locking pin or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I checked for a loose or disconnected vacuum line under the hood as Harry Yarnell suggested and didn't find one although one could be loose behind the glove box. I'll check that out later. In answer to Scott's '90's input, here's what I found: on DEF—some air comes out of the floor vent but most comes out through the upper vents and none or very, very little out of the defroster vent. When on HTR & ECON, same as for DEF, most air comes out the upper vents. In other words, changing settings doesn't seem to have any effect on where the air is directed to. Now what?
  6. The defroster on my '90 Reatta is not working. Everything else with the heating system seems to be working just fine but there is no air reaching the windshield when on the defrost setting. I figured it is either a malfunction of a baffle in the AC/heating system someplace or a malfunction of the electronic climate control panel. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it?
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