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  1. Just wanted to check in with everyone who's helped me out so far on this problem- I, unfortunately, have not had time to continue to track this issue down, but hope to get to the ECM and BCM this weekend, to check connections and get a visual on the grounds in that area. In the meantime, I've been driving the car, speedometer still acting erratic, but what I've recently noticed is that it has been tending to read extremes. What I mean is that it often reads zero one moment, even when driving on the highways, and then it will immediately peg at 124, even at stand still. I'm not sure if this is
  2. Thank you for the continued support on this one! I've found one very obvious ground that looks sketchy, it's one of the larger wires coming directly off the battery, so I'm gonna inspect closer, disassemble, clean or possibly replace. This is far from the harness that feeds the VSS, so doubtful this is the issue, but looks like if not an issue, could be in he not so near future. From what I gather, the ECM and BCM are located behind the glove box, is that correct? And your stating that any wiring issue, weak ground, would be in this area- the wiring from the VSS, to the ECM, and the BCM? Also,
  3. Yes, I found it strange too, when I realized that the mileage was going up, sometimes with the car not even moving! 😩 And at 124 mph- it goes up quickly! Honestly, that's what bothers me more- I could live with the speedometer inaccuracies, however I like everything in working order. Unfortunately, I use this car as my daily driver, so I'm gonna have to hunt this issue down when time allows....
  4. I have to think a minute, in regards to the car being running. It actually also happened when I was going through the diagnostic test too, so- in that case the key was on, but engine not running. Also, after the sensor was unplugged, I did start the car to check the status, and before I got the car out of the garage- it begin to wander. It bounces all over too, not just off by a few MPH! It often pegs at 124, which is concerning to me more because it racks up the mileage on the odometer REAL FAST that way! 😩 I will begin to trace down the grounding, but boy there sure are a lot of wires!! Once
  5. Ok, so I located the correct sensor, thanks to your diagram, unplugged it, and much to my dismay- the speedometer still wanders! Curious to the next step, but I'm assuming it's safe to say it's not the sensor then?? 🤔
  6. Thanks Ronnie, for your knowledge and PATIENCE!
  7. Thank you for keeping at this with me- and sorry to sound like a novice, which I clearly am, but I see several sensors, I'm not exactly sure which one it is. At first I thought in would be located, or accessed from under the car, but now I'm looking more towards one of these underneath the ERG valve, and the throttle. Neither look so easy to get to- am I in the completely WRONG spot? Again, my apologies for the naïveté...
  8. Ok, first I'll need to locate it- I believe it's connected to the transmission housing? Is that the point at which you'd suggest I unplug it? Please excuse my nativity, as I'm somewhat new at this! Also, just curious, and again- this may sound like a silly question, but if it's unplugged, wouldn't it NOT read anything??
  9. Thank you Ronnie, I've followed your instructions and gone into the BCM codes, found that the CRT DOES MATCH the speedometer! So strange, however, as I'm sitting with the car OFF, key switch on- running through the diagnostics, the speedometer starts creeping up! I did the process twice, as the first time- by the time I got to code BD60 car speed, the speedometer had steadied at 0. Ok, so I ran through the whole procedure again, and waited a few moments, sure enough the speedo started to run away- AS DID THE CRT! I'm not sure where this leaves me, perhaps the speed sensor still? Please advise,
  10. Many thanks! Yeah- I'm tryin' to learn my way around! I appreciate your suggestions!
  11. Hello everyone - I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I recently purchased an '89 Reatta, and have found that the speedometer seems to have a mind of its own! At any given point, even at a standstill, the speedometer will wander all over the place, many times just pegging at 124. I've read about a speed sensor? I thought perhaps that this could be the root of the problem, but then learned that this works in conjunction with the ABS and also the transmission. The car seems to drive fine other then the misleading speedometer readings. Also, the CC seems to be malfunctioning and I'm wonde
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