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  1. I agree with all of you guys about the points not touching the cam. when i removed the distributor i removed everything out of the distributor examining wires and things (even took out the breaker plate) thats why the points are like that. I am in the process of reinstalling the distributor because at this point i don't think the distributor itself is the issue, maybe the new set of points i bought are bad or maybe the insulation block is bad im not sure. Ill get with you guys and let you know what i figure out.
  2. @JohnD1956 the points were properly gapped before I removed the distributor.
  3. I was checking spark coming from the coil before I figured out it was shorting.
  4. Ok ill swing by the shop tomorrow and snap some photos. I wired everything how I took it apart.
  5. I recently purchased a 1956 Buick Special all original. It's currently in the process of getting painted, but i really want to get it running before i paint it. While doing a little diagnosing I found out the engine didn't have any spark. Not knowing too much about points ignition I replaced the coil, spark plugs, wires, condenser, and bought a new set of points. I gapped the points accordingly but still no spark. Did some more research and found an article about the wiring to the coil and distributor. To make a longer story short my distributor is actually shorting to ground and causing the issue. Im not sure where to go from here, is the distributor bad?