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  1. I just finished disassembling, sand blasting, tin coating all components & reassembling a fuel tank for a 1946 C1 but have no sending unit at all for a reference .....3 questions... (1)does anyone out there have a sending unit for this 6 volt truck, even for just a pattern? (2) If not, how about a photo, even if it's just the portion you can see with it installed in the tank would be better than nothing (3) does anyone know what the ohms readings should be, empty & full? Thank you for your time! Scott
  2. Need a little help please. Many years ago I sent a set of "tripower" Holley carbs to Jerry Luck Motorsports to be redone. They were in pretty bad shape. Jerry needed a custom aluminum polished radiator for a corvette magazine project so I built and shipped it to him. In exchange, he sent me back a set of carburetors with a story behind them. Since they were going on a BBC in a 1957 Chevy & since my carbs were really rough and missing all the vacuum stuff and since he knew it didn't matter to me which side the throttle linkage and the fuel inlets were on, he did me a solid and sent me what
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