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  1. Thanks Jack. I could see that the Newport would be a good complement to my Riviera...big floaty Detroit cars. I plan to leave a note on the car this evening, so I'll let you know if anything comes of it. Thanks again from Columbus, Rich (from Tampa) If olive oil comes from olives, and vegetable oil comes from vegetables, where does baby oil come from?
  2. Hello Mopar fans, I normally post with the Riviera group (I just bought a '63 Riv on March 1st, and after a 27-year dormancy, It's on the road again!). It's a "rolling restoration", and my wife and I are loving it. But I do have an affliction, so now I have my eye on a '67 Newport Custom that has been basically sitting on the street, not really moving much, and I want it. I come up from Florida to Ohio in the summers, and this red '67 Newport has been sitting on the street for at least 2 years. It changes position, and has good plates, but the tires are low and I'm thinking of leaving a note on the car to see if the owner would sell. I can't detect much (if any) rust on the body panels. One spot on the black vinyl roof is bubbling. The car is red, not sure if it's a factory color. Interior is nice. But it's just sitting on a busy street (amazing it hasn't been hit yet), and it just seems like the owner has no good place to keep it. Anyhow, the car really has my interest, so I'd ask you fellows for any advice about this model. I've owned a half-dozen A-body Darts, and my Dad had a '66 Monaco, but I have no experience with the Newport. Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!
  3. Thanks Bernie, tell me more about removing the dash cover...... Rich
  4. Thanks Bill and Gary, and everyone else who posted about the LED bulbs. I got busy so I'm just now responding. Next question....how difficult is it to change out the dash/ gauge bulbs? I assume it involves what I call "dash yoga", which has you contorting on the floor of the car whilst trying to locate something under the dash and then you get a Charley Horse. At least a couple of times recently I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to get out from under there! If there's an easy way I'd like to know...
  5. Thanks Gary, can you possibly post a full list of the bulb numbers you used? Thanks for the help, Rich
  6. Hi again, work is progressing well on my '63 Teal Mist. Thanks to all who have responded to my posts, the knowledge and advice has been extremely helpful and most appreciated. Today I had the car in the muffler shop, and they were removing the exhaust pipes from the two downpipes running rearward. It turns out that one of the flanges on one downpipe was broken, and had been patched together. So, a new replacement manifold is the next part to order. BUT, clearly visible inside the pipe near the flange was a butterfly valve, which was obviously corroded shut a long time ago. Apparently the last guy to touch the pipe cut about half of the butterfly out to keep the exhaust flow going. SO, the questions are.......what was the function of this butterfly valve?; and at this point is it necessary?; and is this a part that can be sourced and replaced? I plan to get a new exhaust manifold, so I don't know if that new/old manifold will include this valve. Thanks gents, Rich
  7. Terrible Ted? The Motor City Madman? I guess this club will accept anyone.
  8. Guitars and Rivieras. Bob, I'm right there with ya. Throw in girls and beer and what more could you ask for!
  9. Thanks Swede, I emailed those guys. Sounds like a great solution to the problem.
  10. Hello again gents, My dash lights are too dim, and Jim C. tells me that there has been some discussion about LED bulbs available. Can anyone speak on the availability of LED bulbs, and specifically how many are required for the 63 Riviera, and more specifically where to obtain them, and how to install them? Those big gauges would look so great if illuminated brightly. My headlight switch is new, but still the gauge lights are too dim. Thanks guys, Rich
  11. Wow, thanks Bill. Not in a million years would I have guessed that would be the way the thing was oriented. A picture tells a thousand words. Thanks again Bill, Rich By the way, the Point or Leinenkugel beers are on me when I'm up there don't-cha-know eh?
  12. Thanks to all who responded. My visor brackets are exactly like the ones in the photo that 1965rivgs posted. Does anyone have a photo of this type mounted? Rich
  13. Hello Gents, You may recall that I managed to install a new headliner in my '63 Teal Mist about 6 or 7 weeks ago. It turned out really nice, as many of you were kind enough to mention. I still have some kind of pinched nerve in my neck from doing it, and my right arm goes numb from time to time. I'm writing because I failed to record the orientation of the 3-holed mounting plate that holds the sun visor. I can feel the general location of the plate through the headliner, and I can feel the large hole where the "ball" tucks into the roof, but I just don't know where the screw holes are located. SO, if someone would be kind enough to take a photo of the plates as mounted on their car and post it, I would really appreciate it. I sure don't want to go poking a bunch of wrong holes in the new headliner! Cheers from Tampa, Rich
  14. Why does the blue threadlocker come in a red tube, and the red threadlocker come in a blue tube?
  15. Well said Winston! I keep going back and forth. My gut feeling is that with absolutely every brake component being replaced, the system should be safe and reliable. And I myself have blown out old brake lines on dual circuit vehicles and had no brakes at all. Thanks for the comment, I got a kick out of it!
  16. I see that I was under-thinking the topic. I didn't realize there was quite so much technical stuff to consider. I like Bernie's look there...a taller and skinnier tire. And of course I'm trying to economize, so I went with the Venezia 215/75/15 WW, found them on ebay from simpletire (with free returns) for $275 for 4 tires, free shipping. If I don't like them, I'll send them back! Thanks guys, Rich
  17. Thanks to all who replied to this thread. All opinions were helpful as usual. I am going to start on the replacement of the brake lines tomorrow (which coincides with probably the worst head cold I've ever had in 61 years!). Can't wait for that gunk to start running down the back of my throat as I'm on my back on the creeper. But sorry for that unpleasant aside. I may have more questions, and again I appreciate the help. I may take photos if I remember. Rich
  18. Thanks Gary, I appreciate the compliment. Shout out to Tom Telesco and Jim Cannon for their vast knowledge and patient advice! I finally got the car started this afternoon, and it runs really well. I am stoked!
  19. Thanks to all who replied to this thread, all the information was helpful. I tend to like taller and narrower tires, which I feel gives a more vintage look to most old cars. I think I'm gonna go with 225 75 15s. Now it's just a matter of which tire to pick based on the look of the sidewall. Here's a look at the engine bay and the back seat area. I've been working like a dog on this!
  20. Hello gents. I searched the site for this topic, but the search didn't work. Sorry to post a topic that has already been discussed, but I couldn't find it. I'm getting ready to put tires on my '63, so I'd like some recommendations from you guys. I want something that looks as close to the original stock tire as possible, but I'm not taking the car to Pebble Beach, so perfection isn't required. I just want a nice tire with a white wall that's near to the original, with an aspect ratio that's similar to the stock tires from the era. Let me know which brands and sizes you like, and which vendors you like to buy from. Thanks for the help! Rich
  21. Hi Jim, I need to send you a photo of my data plate, I'll get a photo tomorrow. SO..............of the 40K '63 Rivs sold, is there any estimate of how many 63s survive? Is there any kind of algorithm that predicts such a thing? I would think that certainly half of those original 40,000 cars are gone, either scrapped or crashed or rusting in any number of fields all over America.
  22. After 30+ years in the trades, I tell my guys: "Everyone makes mistakes; be the guy that fixes his, and nobody will know".
  23. Thanks guys, I've gotten some great advice for everyone, and now have a replacement balancer ready to install. I will torque to spec so hopefully the damn thing won't come flying through the hood or the floor board!
  24. Hello gents, it's Rich here in Tampa, still working on my '63 Teal Mist. Many thanks to all who have provided help and guidance over the last couple of months, especially Tom T. and Jim C. My "resurrection" of the car is progressing pretty well. Did I post my headliner photos? It turned out really well, but it kicked my ass. I can cross that off my bucket list! I have removed all of the "bolt-on" items from the engine that will be replaced, so now I am thinking about the brake system. I know that there is much discussion about dual-circuit systems, and I surely understand the advantage, but.....let's assume I just re-build the system as it came from the factory. I have both front wheels done with new cylinders/shoes/hardware/hoses. So what's the best option for the master cylinder and booster? I see that the guys in NJ have a rebuild exchange deal for $250 for the Master and booster. Seems pretty good to me. Next question would be about the brake lines.....this car is a Florida car, so the underside isn't rusty at all. AND, I am looking at the routing of the brake lines, and it don't look easy, especially without a lift here. As always, thanks for the friendly advice, Rich
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