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  1. Hi all, first off I want to thank you collectively for your help in educating me about this car via your posts on this forum and private messages. Then I suppose we can get into the (short) story... I traded for this car five months ago and have done relatively little with it since. I ran it a few times in February and March but the soft top was taller than my garage door so I decided not to drive it until I had an extra set of hands. Then I got busy with all sorts of things-family, college, work, and then those stinking tornadoes! So the poor old girl sat in the garage unloved unt
  2. Hi all, I found what is listed as the complete drivetrain and suspension out of a 1926 DB sedan for sale on Facebook. Also includes wheels and steering components. No affiliation to the seller but I am sure someone on here needs these parts. I’d sure hate to see them go to scrap. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/272220407064773/ For what it’s worth the seller Lori was very kind and even offered to meet me halfway if I paid for her gas. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to do so. Maybe you are? If this is not the appropriate place to post this p
  3. I am looking for the front passenger side inner door handle (and nut?) for a 1924 DB touring car. I’ve included pictures of the driver and passenger sides for reference. Thanks for any help, Chris
  4. I’d love to have the part number for those oil seals. This car doesn’t leak anything else and I have nothing against upfitting if it does the job better than the period correct replacement seals would. I believe rebuilding the water pump will be a winter project though. The short term goal is to just get it out and enjoy the weather. If that means stocking it with two fills of water - “there” and “back” - so be it! Couple other things I’ll be looking includes the missing front passenger inner door handle and how the previous owner said the horn works when tested outsid
  5. MikeC5, that sounds like a wise course of action. I’d ballpark that it was leaking at least 1/2 gallon per hour. Is that considered excessive for these cars? Fiddlerbill, I sent you a PM. As for the DB, I think it’s time to live dangerously and test my starter. Problem is that I don’t know what size fuse to put in there! All I know is that it’s 10 amps and none of the fuses I have will fit.
  6. I was actually wondering if it were possible to do just that. Glad to hear it worked for you! I'll give it a go later on today. Edit: Found a book called Electricity and its Application to Automotive Vehicles by Paul McDowell Stone from 1923 on google. It features good information on the theory of operation, adjustment, diagrams, and troubleshooting of the Dodge Bros ignition and type G starter generators. https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=f6Q7AAAAMAAJ&pg=GBS.PA207 https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=f6Q7AAAAMAAJ&pg=GBS.PA702
  7. I appreciate the advice! I’ll give that a shot. Also found a response by Mr Rodger Hartley from over a decade ago about replacing the broken fuse clip on my starter generator and the news is not good! I’ll be giving him a call soon as several folks have suggested he’s the way to go.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! Now that the weather is nice I'm aching to get this car out on the road. Looks like I need a 12V model G starter generator. Previous owner said the packing needs replaced and I believe him. He did a lot of good work on this car. Another thing the PO did that I am endlessly thankful for was showing me a very exact procedure to start the car with the hand crank. Started right up after one single crankshaft rotation yesterday! I did run it two or three days prior but that is impressive nonetheless. Will I need to purchase
  9. It’s funny, I own and use a 1973 Elec Trak E20 for mowing, plowing, and occasionally to move a trailer around the property. I had no idea that JD was prototyping an electric rider at the same time GE was ramping up the Elec Traks for 1970 production.
  10. Hi folks, new here and new to DB’s. I lucked out and traded a square body Chevy truck up to this beauty on Saturday. It’s a 1924 DB sedan as far as I am aware. It runs and drives but needs some TLC as you may expect of a 95 year old car. There are also a few non-original modifications like the additional of an ignition coil, repaint, and the replacement rag top. Thankfully the car came with a book of information, a mechanics manual, and several other good pieces of literature I have not even begun to thumb through. So do forgive my initial ignorance, it will get better with time.
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