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  1. Please tell me how you want me to pay for the lower rear door hinges and I will get that set up.
  2. I did as Old Tank recommended and the screws came right out! I didn't even need to use my impact gun. Mr. Chavis, can we get this deal done so I can fix my client's car? Thanks JJD
  3. No problem at all. Have a good trip, and we'll get this done when you get back.
  4. I will take the set of hinges for $20, and I will pay the shipping too. Just to be clear, the ones I need are the lower hinges for the rear doors. Please let me know where to send the payment and how you would like to do it (e.g. venmo, etc.)
  5. Sir, I am repairing this car for a fellow car club member. Could you give me a price for the hinges so I can pass it along? BTW, the way I get those philips head screws out of the door jambs is with an impact screwdriver, such as this one for $9.99 from Harbor Freight: (Picture included below) https://www.harborfreight.com/6-bit-impact-screwdriver-set-with-case-64812.html?_br_psugg_q=impact+screwdriver
  6. I am looking for a lower right rear door hinge for a 1956 Buick Special. If you have one or the one from this '55 will fit, please email me at dinojohn34@gmail.com
  7. Sir, I need the right rear lower door hinge for a 1956 Buick Special 4 door sedan. I've included a picture of my broken one. Would you have a good one available? My username is John Dino Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. I have a sagging right rear door on a 1956 Buick Special. I have posted a picture of the lower door hinge, which is so loose you can move the door up and down 2-3 inches. I need to buy a replacement hinge or repair kit. If anyone offers a rebuilding service for this hinge, please contact me. Many thanks for your help, John Dino
  9. Good morning everyone- I've been a member here for some time, as I am restoring a 1965 Riviera. However, I recently was asked to fix a sagging right rear door on my friend's 1956 Buick Special 4 door sedan. I have included a picture of the lower hinge, which is so loose you can move the door back and forth 2-3 inches. Does anyone know if this can be repaired? If so, does it need hinge pins and bushings? Is there a specific kit or this? Are there any vendors who rebuild these? Does anyone know of a vendor who might offer a replacement hinge? (I will post a parts wanted notice in the proper forum) Many thanks in advance for your help! John Dino
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    Sir, Is this still available? Thanks, JJD
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