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  1. Great job finding that. I was looking every where to figure out where the "restorer" got this emblem. Definitely not a legit automobile make.
  2. This has some similarities, a 1909 Buick Model F:
  3. I've found nothing of this name in anything relating to automobiles in Google, at least (except referencing the exact car in question - the link you gave IS the same exact vehicle). That is a good possibility it is a mix-match of automobiles. I'll see if I can get them to open it up and give me a picture of the engine block. A lot of the internal components, from peeking in the front, were mix-matched.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I realize that is what they are claiming or have been told. And I don't doubt it was owned by someone from the UK, who may have originally brought it to Hong Kong where it was used during WWII, but I do doubt that it is a "1902 Masthead" as I have not found any info on such a company and the style is unlike any British car during 1899-1904.
  5. Hi all! I'm trying to help a friend identify a car they purchased which is clearly from the Brass Era. Whoever restored the car did so over a decade ago and added some decal that says "1902" and "Masthead" on the front. However, I cannot find any information on this make. I suspect the car might be an Apperson or early Ford model between 1905-1915, based on the style. But, judging from the style, I'm highly suspicious that it is a 1902. Here are some links to photos of the car: Any ideas?
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