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  1. I agree. When I was younger I got an old field car one time from an old lady... a late 70's boat of some sort that had probably never seen over 45 mph. It was fairly low mileage but was quite rotten. Anyways me and a few buddies took it out to the farm and started putting it through the paces. It didn't last long, it didn't like the high RPM's. We were fairly frustrated (that was the fun car for the weekend) and we had lots of time so we pulled it apart and found the top piston rings destroyed. The ridge that had developed in the top of the cylinder was the culprit and the extra RPM caused the piston to travel further...
  2. Rain... ya no doubt it just won't stop. I feel your pain😐
  3. Got the cat out of its cage (storage). I installed the missing left eyebrow on the quarter panel extension that I acquired over the winter (from Arizona)... looks better now. Today after work I am gonna install the original steering wheel I fixed up over the winter. I found it in the trunk when I bought the car... it was terribly cracked and multi coloured.
  4. So I got the primary shaft out from the primary carb. I also got the rounded off jet out as well. Thanks again Jon for the advice on how to get that out... I actually couldn't believe how well that worked... it was the first time in a long time I have that surprised and happy moment working on a car. Only thing I did a little different was I drilled the jet top slightly to get to fresh brass (found it helped during "practice"), and I didn't use a drill I did it by hand. That carb is now completely disassembled and ready to go in my mini hot tank.
  5. Well got 1 out of 4 out. I actually almost had it out in one piece. I am gonna need new shafts. I have been looking around online and I found a Corvette parts website that lists the shafts... but doesn't specify what model number carter afb carb they are for. I wonder if they may work with some slight modification? I know I could get shafts made it would just be easier to find something new.
  6. Ya I have a set of left hand drill bits (although very sharp currently). When you say of appropriate size you mean like a 3/16 to a 1/4'' bit? I have a bunch of old quadra bogs under the bench i can practice with. I am going to give it a try.
  7. It is some sort of screw someone cross threaded into it. Somebody has tried in the past to work on them in the past... but was not patient. I got the main carb almost all the way torn down... the shafts (at least 1) are going to have to be replaced. The one jet of course has had an attempt in the past to be taken out and no longer has a slot in the head... gonna have to get out the "easy outs" (I have never understood why they call them easy... if you need them there is generally nothing easy about it).
  8. I started taking them apart... they are not too bad inside... but the bottom... ouch.
  9. I never thought about the closing angle... that is a slick way to get it perfect. I will take a picture tonight of the bottom... pretty ugly. Penetrating oil of any kind is not going to do anything by itself... its gonna take some heat and tons of patience. Thanks for the information.
  10. Hey I got the dual quad setup the other day and the carbs look way better from the top. The shafts are not in good shape... is it possible to replace them and the plates? Somebody was already trying to work on them and has done some damage. I have rebuilt a number of carbs over the years but these are rough. Any one know where to get parts in Canada for these carbs... or a good place to order online?
  11. Hey I was looking for some help identifying this transmission. Thanks guys.
  12. That's what is going on... I didn't look too close before I posted these pictures. Ya those are definitely not the correct carbs. How difficult is it to find the correct carbs? Is the carb that comes on a normal four barrel setup be used as the rear primary carb?
  13. Ya I agree that looks like a hole in the valley pan... I did confirm with the seller that it did run. Ya that air cleaner is very expensive. Those carbs just look a little different than I have seen in pictures. I have a feeling they are not correct. The id number stamped by the valley pan 8K1009M2... In the picture it really looks like a "2"... but is it a "Z" I wonder?
  14. An opportunity has come to me to possibly purchase this engine with the dual quads... I was wondering if you guys could let me know if this looks correct. The engine did run. Are these the correct carbs, etc. I can see there is something going on with the linkage that doesn't look right. The air cleaner is missing I think. Thanks for any help!
  15. It is the custom trim level... I am not sure what the difference from the plain to custom. I have the original Buick brochure from the car, I will look in it later and see. It does have a vacuum trunk release (that count?), manual windows, bench seat in the front has a fold out arm rest / console. It needs a cup holder though... in the morning when I drive to work I am nervous putting the coffee cup on the dash. Interesting story about the first picture with the rainbow. That day my friend and I were about to head out to a small local car show to help support when it came across the radio that there was a tornado warning. Things looked pretty iffy so we decided to wait before leaving. We got a little rain (my friends new truck and his old car got the garage spots) but it cleared up and we got a nice day after. Once we got to the show we were sent a couple pictures from a friend who was out fishing on Lake Erie (about 20 minute drive away).