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  1. Ya it can be tough to see behind the Riv but the wildcat is black, if I remember correctly. You like the paint on the Riv eh? You may be a little biased huh...😉
  2. I agree. Also most people don't realize these old cars have drum brakes and don't stop as quickly as a crotch rocket. On more than one occasion I have thought I was going to put a Honda Civic bumper into the front seat.
  3. Ha h aha you win. By the way she holds 21 cases.
  4. Ya just an emptie run... I was bored. Nope 16 is light.
  5. So with the rather larger trunk space that my old car possess I decided to conduct an experiment in order to find out the answer to everyone's burning question... how many cases of beer could you fit it the trunk? I had to make an empties run so I had the perfect opportunity to find out. Now there are a couple of small metal boxes screwed to the floor beside the quarter panels that reduced the trunk volume. Also the goal was to be able to close the trunk... which I was able to. A bunch of my friends had fun trying to guess how many from the picture... but nobody got the correct answer the first try. Any guesses?
  6. Thanks guys. I put them in the back yard and they seem to be getting along just fine. Everyone around town keeps asking what I am going to do with the Wildcat, and I keep telling them I am gonna keep her. I am trying not to have too many stories where it ends in "I never should have sold that car".
  7. Brought this home... the kitty is a bit jealous currently.
  8. The engine that is currently in the car is a Canadian built engine that is numbers matching (as far as I can tell). This is another engine I picked up to rebuild and replace the current engine so if I blow it up I didn't ruin the original. The VIN tag you can see when you open the drivers door says GM Canada. I just want to make sure this 64 engine will bolt to a switch pitch 65 trany. Here are the pictures of the identification numbers of the engine in the car that I believe to be original. I was going to post the VIN but the site says I can only post so many MB of data.
  9. The only numbers I can find on the valley pan deck are B251154L.
  10. That is a good idea... I will do that thanks.
  11. So I picked up an engine from a guy just up the road about 30 minutes. Its a 1964 401 that appears to be in good shape... the guy had big plans but decided to finish other projects so he sold it to me pretty cheap I think. He took it apart but everything is there. Casting number 1349046. Measured the bores and it is standard bore. I am pretty sure it would bolt up to my 65 transmission... anybody know for sure? Came with a 2 barrel intake... so I now have 3 different intakes to chose from.
  12. Not sure to be honest... it was a olds 307 I remember that. Maybe both... the crank and rods looked okay at first glance but we didn't measure anything. Most engines I have blown up were when you decelerate... this was 3/4 of the way down the front straightaway and it wasn't accelerating much anymore... there wasn't a tach.
  13. I agree. When I was younger I got an old field car one time from an old lady... a late 70's boat of some sort that had probably never seen over 45 mph. It was fairly low mileage but was quite rotten. Anyways me and a few buddies took it out to the farm and started putting it through the paces. It didn't last long, it didn't like the high RPM's. We were fairly frustrated (that was the fun car for the weekend) and we had lots of time so we pulled it apart and found the top piston rings destroyed. The ridge that had developed in the top of the cylinder was the culprit and the extra RPM caused the piston to travel further...
  14. Rain... ya no doubt it just won't stop. I feel your pain😐
  15. Got the cat out of its cage (storage). I installed the missing left eyebrow on the quarter panel extension that I acquired over the winter (from Arizona)... looks better now. Today after work I am gonna install the original steering wheel I fixed up over the winter. I found it in the trunk when I bought the car... it was terribly cracked and multi coloured.