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  1. Yep I will post pictures. Won't be till spring time as the car is in storage. I am leaning towards the TA Performance setup.
  2. Hey I appreciate any and all responses. Better to ask those who have done it themselves so I don't have to learn the hard way. Ya I agree that 3" won't be the way to go... probably end up with a drone. I actually kind of want it to sound like my wildcat... nice and quite but a real cool sound when idling. What mufflers did you use with the TA exhaust system?
  3. I have been looking around for some new replacement exhaust for my 1970 Riv. What is currently installed is in decent condition... but it looks to be just aluminized and small. Tailpipes appear to be 2" and the two mufflers are located under the floor where the front seats would be. I also was hoping to find something that sounded a little more aggressive than it does now... its really quite. I don't want headers and I don't want it really loud. I was thinking 2 1/2" max. I found some systems made by TA Performance and Waldron Exhaust. Does anyone know much about these systems? Or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Yes they have been available for years. I have even shaved a few poly glass tires recently... its fun removing rubber from brand new expensive tires. I sure get some questions when people come in the shop and ask what the heck I am doing to this brand new tire.
  5. Kalamazoo eh... thats not that far away really. Definitely something to consider. I saw the pictures from the aqua zephyr's adventure and it looked like an experience for sure.
  6. Yes that is the original colour... which really drew me to the car. It is one of the few cars that I have gone to look at that looked better in person than in photos.
  7. Purchased my first Riv this summer. I really wasn't planning on buying another Buick, but it was too good of a deal to pass up. Especially when I looked under and inside it and it turned out to be original and pristine. I need to do more research on this car because it is hard to believe it spent its life in Ontario. The used car buyers package only went as far as 1986 (as well as the UCDA car report) when it was registered in Ontario. It is fun to drive... rides fantastic, tons of power with that big motor and 3.42 gears. Unfortunately with winter coming I will have to put it away sooner than I would like. This weekend may be the last time I can take her out for a rip for the year.
  8. Ya it can be tough to see behind the Riv but the wildcat is black, if I remember correctly. You like the paint on the Riv eh? You may be a little biased huh...😉
  9. I agree. Also most people don't realize these old cars have drum brakes and don't stop as quickly as a crotch rocket. On more than one occasion I have thought I was going to put a Honda Civic bumper into the front seat.
  10. Ha h aha you win. By the way she holds 21 cases.
  11. Ya just an emptie run... I was bored. Nope 16 is light.
  12. So with the rather larger trunk space that my old car possess I decided to conduct an experiment in order to find out the answer to everyone's burning question... how many cases of beer could you fit it the trunk? I had to make an empties run so I had the perfect opportunity to find out. Now there are a couple of small metal boxes screwed to the floor beside the quarter panels that reduced the trunk volume. Also the goal was to be able to close the trunk... which I was able to. A bunch of my friends had fun trying to guess how many from the picture... but nobody got the correct answer the first try. Any guesses?
  13. Thanks guys. I put them in the back yard and they seem to be getting along just fine. Everyone around town keeps asking what I am going to do with the Wildcat, and I keep telling them I am gonna keep her. I am trying not to have too many stories where it ends in "I never should have sold that car".
  14. Brought this home... the kitty is a bit jealous currently.