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  1. Yep, it was in the back seat. It even has the plugwire cover
  2. I was able to bring it home, man it was sitting low in the trunk (little did I know the engine and trans was in there)
  3. I have had nothing but rain every weekend for this year. As a result, the Car sat in the woods for a bit longer than I had hoped. Given the 4k weight and the additional 2k for my trailer it was a nogo to pick up (Seller has nice land). Meanwhile, I did get new rubber all the way around (Did you know Walmart tirecare is full of idiots? , they didn't know where the steel brush was so my tires are mounted to rusty beads). With ambition, and a air tank, I am setting off to get the car loaded for the trip home this weekend (Only a short drive). I will update this forum with progress reports.
  4. So I don't want to rip apart the hinges trying to force it open, I get the "Lift at the back" trying. It only moves about 2-6 inches and there is a ton of stress, causing the hood to lift and sway (Bend on hinges I assume) any old timers know how to be delicate on this? I remember as a kid causing my 74 Chevrolet truck to crease on the hood pulling too hard.
  5. cry... so that's around 8k for me... I hope its not higher! Mine is just for the bumpers and grill
  6. Share your final Bill on the Chrome work in Florida, I have to start saving for mine now.
  7. Athens, your not far at all, Im near Covington... Im thinking of getting this thing ready for the next Lemons Rally (Before any real restoring) just to turn heads with the rust. Any meet and greets in the area?
  8. My name is not really Al, I do that to stop the data miners world wide. But you can call me Al, or any other choice name... doesn't matter to me. I am starting on my 3rd classic. My first is the one I used to capture and tourture my wife on date nights when I was younger. A 1946 Willies with Wally the gator painted on the fenders sitting on his lillypads. My wife (Girlfriend back then) now supports my adventures in rust because of the adventures we had getting stuck in the mud (Not to mention a hood walk from a deep pond). I am no real qualified car man, just someone that was taught how to install crank bearings backwards and learn the noise it makes. My father still laughs about that one. speaking of memories... Did you know a 1946 CJ2 will shift from 1st to reverse at 20 MPH without a grind? I still remember the crack of the washer hand crank against my forehead when I dumped the clutch. (Funny how the removable drivers seat will auto launch you into the window) My second adventure was and is a 1964.04 Mustang with a Falcon Sprint hood ring visible under the mustang emblem. Still waiting on paint, it has lost of sharp edges and pretty floors covered in dynamat. It was a homecoming gift to myself when I got back from my second Mosul love fest. I spent 1300 on it and still dream of the day it will be tagged. My latest was a choice find from craigslist this year (B Day gift to myself) and you will find its pictures scattered on this forum site. Yeah, I know, its a 4 door, but all that crome makes me dizzy.
  9. Tennessee whisky mechanics at Spring Hill are what makes those (Be carful, My brother works there and he is a lush)
  10. Im new to the forums and I noticed this one for sale in my area
  11. Mine was a 1946 CJ2 (Civilian) with a Go Devil
  12. so would this be rare?
  13. found my 322 nailhead with matching dynaslush… Very low cost and a 90 day warranty from them. Seam like nice people. I will update when they arrive
  14. Update, for those that are watching, I also ordered the 322 matching dynaslush with all the parts for 125.00 man this yard has it all