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  1. I'm working on my '41 Ford but I think anyone with knowledge of 41-48s can help. I'm trying to remove the metal brackets that support the "B" pillars. I've removed all of the fasteners that are visible from the inside of the car but the brackets are strongly resisting my efforts to remove them. Are there fasteners or studs of some kind that install from the top down or the bottom up that have to be dealt with before the bracket will come off? My car has the cobra skin top intact and I really do not want to remove it to possibly find fasteners if I can get information that will answer my qu
  2. The wood on my car is the original with the exception of two frame pieces. Over the years the finish had darkened to the point of nearly obscuring the grain, the darkening as well as the general deterioration of the finish prompted me to strip and refinish. A couple of the door panels have delaminated and need to be replaced which started the search for plywood. I'm surprised that you were able to fill in the mahogany grain without filler, it looks great in your photo. Interlux is reddish amber but with the original wood that was the color I wanted. I found your project photos and my
  3. Tom, Not what I was wanting to hear but after spending several hours scouting the internet I was afraid that this was the case. The plywood on my front doors is not the problem as they are separate pieces for the exterior and interior. On the rear doors however the door is only one panel thick and it appears to be mahogany plywood with a veneer of birch applied to the inside. I live in the Oklahoma City area and will start looking for someone capable of properly laminating the necessary pieces. As to varnish, I purchased Epifanes and Interlux Schooner 96. I played around with both of
  4. Does anyone have a source for the 1/4" plywood used on a 41 Ford. It is Mahogany on one face and I believe Birch on the reverse. JMH
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