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  1. Hello Pete. THX for the information. I will report back, when the Buick arrived and we made a complete check. At the moment he´s in Panama.... Georg
  2. Hello Bob. Thank you for this estimate. I wrote you an Email. Georg
  3. Hello Robert. Many Thanks. I will contact you by email. Later, we can continue our conversation here, so that other Buick owners can share the experience. Giorgio
  4. Hello to the Buick community on AACA from the beautiful country of Austria. To introduce myselfe: My name is Georg and I live in the heart of Europe, in the beautiful country of Austria. I'm a small collector of vintage American cars with a 1940's Harley Davidson WL(A), a 1943 Willys Overland MB with a 1944 Bantam T3 Trailer (I'm an expert in this field), a 1967 Mustang GT convertible and an Exotic, a Kawasaki LTD 440 of 1982 (which was my very first motorized vehicle). I've been looking for a classic car from the 30s for quite some time. However, buying and inspecting a car is a bit hard when you are 6,000 miles away. So you have to use opportunities, that friends live nearby, who can take over this job. That's why I stumbled upon Brian's 1932 Buick 56S in craigslist, as one of my buddies lives in Phoenix. Thus, this interesting piece of American history finds a new home in the country of Styria, Austria. It will have a good time here and I'm glad to have saved it from possible destruction by a Hotrod Shop. I'll keep you informed about his future story here on this forum. But now a few questions: - can anyone estimate how many 1932 56S still drive in the original condition on the road? (1905 were build) - I read here in the forum that the original color code was in green and black, with a gray interior? - are there any tips or hints that you can tell me? Thanks a lot and nice greetings, Georg