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  1. Hi to all, here's a couple more shots now free from the corner it was in. it';s a beautiful car...really no one is interested ? no one wants to look at the car? this is the dodge forum right? it's just on dollies so I could get it out from behind the post.... one owner rumbleseat coupe. she bought the car and drove it for 60 years.... I'll say again what I said before. I'm willing to negotiate on price. there is not a set in stone solid price. throw out an offer. Jack...you don't want to come see the car? best to all. George
  2. How bout 10 K? as I said to Jack...I'm negotiable... what's important is a good home. make an offer. can't raise the price later but I can lower it... anybody seen any other 1931 quite this original? anybody...welcome to come look and make an offer. in Portland. or I can photograph any requests.
  3. Hi anybody else have interest? literally 1 old lady owned this car! I have to move and really would like it to go to a good home that appreciates it.
  4. is anyone interested in buying this coupe? 1 owner. original paint and pin stripping. Original upholstery and rumble seat cushions. all original with only maintenance done over the years. It's in Oregon. beautiful car but maybe I have too many...new gas tank and other parts included
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