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  1. Thank you to everyone for posting photos!!! I hope to be able to make it next year.
  2. There are a few (eBay being one) but I've found these two to mostly have what I needed and were the most helpful and friendly as well: ROMAR DB Parts and Services Myers Early Dodge Parts 1914 -1930 In fact, Tom and Cindy at Myers have helped me with a heck of a lot of advice as well as parts, and I'm working on removing the engine from one of my Touring Cars to send to George at ROMAR so he can restore/rebuild it for me. Hope this helps. - Tom
  3. Here's a couple. Neither are the correct year, and one is in pieces and one must be plated in gold under all the green plate for what the guy wants for it. Anyway, here's the links I found while lurking around eBay: Good luck on your quest. - Tom
  4. I'm in dire need of two top bow saddles for my 1925 Dodge Brothers Touring Car. Anyone have a pair they can sell or know where I can look? I've scoured eBay and it seems most of the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Tom
  5. Hello Kevin, Do you still have those two saddles for sale? Tom