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  1. Thanks a lot, I'm trying different oil pressure springs in my oil pressure regulator.
  2. Thanks for your info. The rule of thumb is just what I needed.
  3. Thanks very much for your reply. I am using 5W40 and I think I'll let it go at that
  4. Have been looking for a crank hole cover for my '34 Dodge.
  5. I have an original 6 cylinder rebuilt motor. Problem with oil pressure (I think), starts @ 70 psi, driving drops to 20 psi and at idle drops to 5+ psi. Tried changing springs in the oil pressure regulator. Test gauge and oil gauge read the same. Any suggestions?
  6. Looking for a 1934 Dodge hubcap. 1934 hubcaps have a 3 1/4" collar which snaps the hubcap into the rim. The depth from the collar to the crown is 3 1/4".
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