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  1. Hey Guys, New Buick owner from S.C. home of 2018 College Football National Champs. Just picked up a 1939 series 40 two door pretty much all original and restored a few yrs ago. Olive Green with tow tone brown/beige cloth interior with gangster wall tires. I will have a lot of questions since I am mostly a chevy corvette guy. I know I haven't owned this old guy for long but thinking about selling, like the newer creature comforts more than I thought. Great old car but have my eye on another corvette plus I am out of storage space. Hit me up if you are interested.
  2. Very nice, i like the upgrades you have done to the car. Welcome
  3. Hopefully last question: Does the 39 have a rear end gear oil drain plug?? I have looked and don't see one. I see a plug on the right side about 3/4 way down on differential housing/cover. I think I read that you had to suck the gear oil out or remove the cover. Is this factual? If so that is one dumb design, geez. I thought my 17 corvette had some crazy designs but ........ I thought things were made simpler back in the day, guess not. I don't think I will be removing the cover, looks like it has had some gasket sealer used on it at some time so don't want any new leaks if I can avoid it. Thanks again guys for all your comments, I am learning a lot from this forum. U guys R the best. BJ
  4. I agree, I am a retired 42 yr. Yr. Nuclear industry guy and we over analized everything x3. Will Definitely. Use hypoid in rear. My tranny and rear are very quiet. Thanks again.
  5. 40 series and I don't think the wolf head brand would matter, he just gave it to me and said he used it in tranny and rear. It is hypoid gear oil. Thanks
  6. Guy that owned the car for 20 yrs. Used this in tranny and rear, it is hypoid application 85w140?? U R Correct on second And third being synchronized. Think this lubricant Is OK to use. Thanks for you guys help, this 39 is very new to me.
  7. Did you mean non synchronized? I thought this old 39 was NON synchronized, I looked at some lub oil. That stated for non synchronized tranny. Thanks for your reply.
  8. I will be driving occasionally in winter but in s.c. winters not that harsh so will the NAPA 140 still work. I like the idea of one lube for both applications, keeps it simple. Thanks to all who responded.
  9. Guys do you use the tranny and rear end lube suggested in the 1939 owners manual or do you use modern synthetic gear oil. Transmission - Lub chart calls for SAE 90 and to change twice a yr. IS it really necessary to change twice a yr. considering I will not drive the car but maybe <1000 miles a yr. ? Rear end suggest use SAE 90 hypoid lub. twice a yr. again seems excessive. Is the use of hypoid lube critical? I must admit I had to go to Webster to see what HYPOID was. I assume since I will not be putting that many miles on the car, the twice a yr is a mute point. Thanks for entertaining a newbie's questions!
  10. Update, bad solenoid, replaced, all is well.
  11. Update, removed and took to starter to rebuild shop. Bad solenoid, replaced and works as it should.
  12. Gentleman I just purchased a 1939 Buick series 40 and starter doesn't seem to disengage at times, makes a humming sound. Sometimes it functions as it should with no noise. Previous owner changed to 12 volt and his notes indicated 12 volt solenoid required custom plunger to connect to starter linkage and small modification to mounting holes, this was back in 2013 so I assume it worked OK. I removed it yesterday and have it at a rebuild shop seeing what could be the problem and hopefully a fix. MY QUESTION: If this doesn't pan out and can't determine the problem have you guys ever used 1939 - 1952 Buick 12 Volt Mini Starter 1107005, 1107049, 1107078 (Fits: 1939 Buick. This starter is smaller that orig and supposed to be a direct fit. EBAY item not from China but a USA rebuild company. $325.00 cost, little pricey but I just want the darn thing fixed. Any opinions would be welcome. Thanks Bruce
  13. At times the starter functions as it should with no noise after engine starts but most of the time it whines. So this hopefully eliminates elect. Problem or not. Hopefully just sticky starter drive as MCHINSON suggested. Gonna have a mechanic remove and fix next week. Thanks guys