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  1. She lives and breaths again. I have some minor details to sort out still like the speedometer and fuel gauge but she's running well. I hear the clutch spinning when it's not engaged so thinking it may need to be adjusted. Any tips? It has a T-18 in it.
  2. Thank you, sir. There isn't too much I want to add or change from stock really, just power steering, which was an option I think. I'm finding out that as much as I love the truck, she isn't all that desirable to International fans due to the stock AMC motor. No worries though, I like it and got it dirt cheap. I am leaning towards touching up a few spots (like the door showing some body filler atm) and then clear coating her. I kinda got into it when I was wet sanding and getting a glimpse of what she may look like. Other than that, I would bring her back to the original red. I'm missing a clu
  3. Rebuilt the carb and put in new brake lines and a master cylinder I also put load adjusting shocks on the rear. Pulled the gas tank and cleaned that up. I also blew out the fuel lines and replaced a couple. New thermostat, temp sensor, oil pressure sending, fuel pressure regulator unit, plugs, and filters. Sanded the bulk of the brush on primer job PO did and ncovered a few shoddy pockets of Bondo but nothing too bad. I also cleaned up the chassis while having the bed off and threw a coat of paint on there along with the underside of the bed. Then lined the bed when we put it back on.
  4. Thank you, Fleek. I believe Jeeps have the same motor and tranny in some models. The truck has a 232 3.8l in it. I figured the parts may bolt up in some cases.
  5. Thought I would introduce myself here. I'm a proud new owner of this classic and plan to restore/mod her. I picked up this truck really cheap and have got her running and driving after a long rest as a lawn ornament. I'm not sure of her real current value. I do need to fix floor pans but otherwise, she is pretty rust free. Any idea what would be the cheapest way to get some power steering into her? Can I pull it from any 70's Jeep with a 232 or 258? It also looks like I might need to hunt down a clutch bellcrank and bushings. Any other vehicles prime for picking? Thanks.
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