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  1. Yeah it's nothing like my 55 Bel Air , it is a bit like my 61 Cadillac Hearse as far as build quality goes and the way it is put together.
  2. A little bit of it is in the crankcase of the 64 Riviera now, a little in the tank. I've used it for years on everything from marine to go carts .
  3. The 455 Buick and TH 400 Transmission, pretty bullet proof and easy to work on . Good luck with your new boat tail those years are some of my favorites !
  4. Thank you very much sir! and to the other's for the imput. I'm a little leary of trying to take off the exhaust manifold it's never been off, has the locking tabs on them still and have california rust on them lol I can see a bolt snapping off in the head . I might try a 90 degree drill bit in the size you said and see If I can get the rest of the broken tube out of there.
  5. Very cool! love those boat tails! especially with a huffer sitting out of the hood.
  6. When I had the carburetor off I noticed the portion of the baseplate was eroded around the choke heat passage , almost to the point that it is intruding into the primary butterfly casting. I am speaking with Carb John to see if maybe he might have a good replacement carburetor for her. The carb was also missing that steel baseplate gasket that I see a few of you mentioning. I also noticed the choke tube is broke off at the exhaust manifold and I got most of it out of the brass fitting but is there a better way to fully remove it so I can get a new tube in there? who has a good tube for it? I read that on some Riviera's they had the steel tube running into the exhaust manifold then at some point on the way up it has a section of rubber hose in between? then steel up to the carb choke?
  7. On another note, another member here told me to check the vacuum modulator on my car because it was messing up creating a vacuum leak and strange idle. He was 100 percent correct.
  8. Humans lol...The earth has cooled, froze over, heated and it's part of mother nature's cycle, our short time on this grand scale of engineering in the cosmos is so insignificant , the earth could care less if we are here or not, she always rebounds. Our 200 years of polluting measures to zero compared to what the earth has seen and will see in the future. We as humans come and go, and on different planets. This planet at the end of it's cycle will be another dead planet and life will spring from another. From a Native American standpoint, we are in the last cycle before the cleanse then a rebirth. So enjoy it. Climate change lol, tax credits, yeah sure. Humans are naive and gullible.
  9. I just went through this on my 64 AFB, I had to buy a simple rebuild kit, and go through it 4 times , the final time is when I had compressed air and blew out every passage on the idle and secondary circuit, the air horns, every damn circuit on it. Re set the floats to spec and now it seems to be ok . Mine was saturating the intake manifold too at one point.
  10. Wait what lol ? the drums are riveted to the hub assembly on these cars? why ?
  11. Doesn't he have to make sure he has the proper amount of oil in there as well? i thought when r12 leaks it takes the oil with it.
  12. Buick Track bar bushing kit 1963 1964 1965 1966 67 68 70 Riviera & Gran Sport
  13. What do you guys think of the track arm bushing kit by Centerville Auto? I just googled it and they popped up on Ebay, about 44 bucks for the track arm bushings.