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  1. Originally white but was painted that blue sometime in the 80's it looks like.
  2. Numbers matching 64 Riviera, drivers side quarter panel needs attention. Solid bones on her though. Getting a new timing chain now just got it in the mail from Dual Quad Dave. Car had the heavy duty AC option but was outfitted with no AC compressor, Riv Nut ran the vin tag for me. Aluminum radiator. Rebuilt carb. 70's sounding dual exhaust which I haven't heard in such a long time she really does sound mean but mellow. 96k original miles, engine appears to have never been opened up . I had a guy from Tee's auto body come by and look at it and said the quarter panel could be straightened on his rack so it is fixable. California car, and clean clear California title. Minor rust bubbles in a few spots from California, solid floors and trunk, very solid. No play in steering, brakes straight, accelerates strong, doors close like a bank vault. Windows roll up and down. Woodgrain inserts on the inside are getting loose. No smoke, no knock, no tics, she runs out well. Any questions please ask. Thank you. $6500 o b o Located in Vegas.
  3. I really don't want to sell the Riviera I'm sold on them it's one of the finest driving cars I've had. We shall see what happens...
  4. I will take better pics when I get back into town tomorrow, it looks like it was repainted sometime in the 80s, its not show by any means just driver quality ☺️
  5. God that's a beautiful Riviera!!!!
  6. Well I guess our 1964 Riviera will be up for sale, currently getting the original nylon timing chain set replaced, California car, 96k original miles numbers matching. Runs very strong no knocks ticks or smoke. Non AC car, missing some rear interior seat trim, needs drivers side quarter panel repaired as it was hit and I had a body guy look at it , said he could put it on the frame rack and pull it no need to replace it. Originally white but was repainted that Wimbledon blue. It's a driver. Runs, stops, steers very well. $6500 cash takes her home.
  7. Well I guess the 64 will be up for sale, needs the drivers side quarter panel repaired and minor trim on the rear seat portion, it is a driver with 96k original miles numbers matching. Runs well and will run better with the new timing chain installed which will be done in a week ish. $7000 cash would take her home.
  8. No sir, we have a 64 Riviera in Vegas. 96k mile car it's a driver currently getting it's original timing chain replaced with the help of dual quad Dave.
  9. So long story short my dad sold his house, downsized and bought a 50 Merc. Ugh. Lol now I'm not sure what we're doing with the Riviera it may be for sale . I'm sold on the engineering of the first gen Riviera's and I plan to own one again soon if we sell the 64 we picked up.
  10. Well I am cleaning up the front part of the engine, I have one bolt which broke off in the head for the T stat housing, should I weld this nut to it and try to back it out? or just grind it flat and try to drill it out with an ez out? what would you all suggest?
  11. Ahhhhh ok, I missed that one on the crank gear altogether! thank you sir. Let me line these up and see how it looks.
  12. I got the holding tool from Summit and it worked great ! thank you for the heads up on that. Looks like it has the original timing chain set in there, with at least 1 inch of slop on the one side of the chain. Maybe I'm tired I just came in from the garage , but I can't see any visible timing marks on these gears. What is the best way to remove a broken bolt from the T stat water tube piece that sits on the timing cover I had one bolt that broke off on that water manifold piece. 3 am riv work gotta love it.
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