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  1. I have 2 complete Y blocks to part out. 1 is from a 1954 truck and has the front mount (chrome ) , High rise water pump assy that raises your fan about 4 inches. Complete with pulleys, belts harmonic balancer etc... Many other Y block parts as well. Also, Cruise-O-Matic with finned torque converter and truck bellhousing for truck. What do you need?
  2. 1958 Mercury Monterey. @ door post, 312 Y block, Merc-O-Matic auto trans. Runs, drives and stops.
  3. These good folks have hundreds of mostly pre 1970 cars and trucks. A few '70's but not so much. Lots of very hard to find stuff too. Machinery, equipment, you name it. Very nice people and reasonable prices too.
  4. Try these folks. Trust Salvage in Auburn, Wa. I know that they have the small MEL motor in a 1958 Mercury and another MEL on a rack. As mine is a 312 Y block, the manifolds will not interchange. I looked VERY closely. They also have a facebook page with photos.
  5. I would like to have the scuff plate regardless. The grill insert not so much. Lol. You can email me your price and payment info at campswithdogs@yahoo.com. Thanks! Dave.
  6. thanks guys, I follow Frenchlake. I have a runs, drives, stops car. just looking to clean up some trim pieces.
  7. Right inside door sill scuff plate. Any condition. !958 Mercuty tail lights, lenses, housings what have you? NOT building a show car, just a driver.
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