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  1. In need of a front engine mount for a 36 Reo Speedwagon the part that is mounted to frame. Also need a pair of front fenders and right sidemount bracket. These should be the same on a 33 Flying Cloud. John expumper@att.net
  2. I need a pair of 34 Olympic front fenders.
  3. Looking for a 33 Reo parts car or front fenders. 1934 Franklin Olympic or 36 Reo Speedwagon front fenders would work
  4. Looking for someone in New England area with a 34 Franklin Olympic that I could take pictures of for a restoration project I'm working on. Thanks John 860-748-9539
  5. I'm in need of a pair of 34 Olympic front fenders. John expumper@att.net
  6. I have a rebuilt 32 Ford flathead V8 engine. This is a correct 32 block with all accessories except distributor and fuel pump. I would take 6400 for it.
  7. This is a true 32 block by the straight down drains.
  8. I'm looking for advice as to the value of my 32 Ford flathead engine. It is a true 32 block with all 32 accessories except fuel pump and distributor. I might sell it to someone who needs it.
  9. Totally rebuilt 32 Ford engine with correct accessories except distributor and fuel pump. This is a real 32 block, water pumps, motor mounts, generator and intake with carb and air filter. I would sell it for 6400.
  10. I'm looking for a pair of 1933 reo flying cloud front fenders. John 860 748 9539
  11. WTB 1933 Reo Flying Cloud front fenders
  12. WTB 1933 Reo front fenders or 1936 Reo Speedwagon Front fenders.
  13. I have a good 11" Stutz Ryan-Lite headlight lens.I also have a pair of Ryan-Lite 11" lenes.
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