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  1. Hi guys my 1928 Chrysler mod 52 the wood spokes are a little lose what is the best way to tighten them up I heard soak them in water works any info welcome. thanks for the help Jim
  2. thank you for the information 150 it is yes its a taper have a great day thanks. Jim
  3. Hello club members i'm looking for the proper torque for the rear axle nuts on a 1928 Chrysler mod 52 can anyone help with this information .
  4. HI guys I have a 28 Chrysler mod 52 4 cyl I need rods will the rods from a 28 Plymouth Q. engine work in a Chrysler engine mod 52
  5. Hello i'm looking for left and right rear axles for a 1928 Chrysler mod 52 4 cyl. also 4 connecting rods for the engine
  6. Hello I'm looking for 4 connecting rods for 1928 Chrysler 52 if you are parting it out thanks Jim
  7. Jim here ok got the axel out went well yes you need a axel puller slid hammer works well undo wheel bearing retainer 4 bolts and pull axel yahoo
  8. I was told that a 1927 T. T. ford truck wheel puller will work on my 28 Chrysler mod 52 same size 2 3/8 x 16 thread pitch 2.375 x 16
  9. do I need a axel puller to remove the rear axel do I need to take the inspection cover off the third member. will a slide hammer work to pull the axel all input welcome thank you all for your info
  10. my thanks to all for the info. I am going with hub puller been hunting one down 23/8 x16 2.375 x 16 any body have one for sale or rent . thanks again great club members
  11. This car is equipped with 4-wheel hydraulic brakes and wood spoke wheels. I am having trouble removing the right rear wheel. It has a keyed, tapered, axle shaft and the wheel is stuck on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove this wheel from the axle? Is it possible to remove the axle with the wheel attached? I would truly appreciate any helpful information.
  12. do you still havethe motor for the 28 chrysler is this a running motor or just parts I just got a Chrysler 1928 mod 52 sounds like the bottom end is lose lots of virbration love the car want to fix it up and keep it original and in good shape thank you for your time
  13. What would be the correct water level in the radiator? How many quarts of oil does the engine hold? Thanks for the help.