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  1. Hey Tom thanks for the pictures. I wish mine was that nice. Haha. So I carefully removed the wood, which was all rotten and re did it in steel tubing. I still have the doors to do but I’m happy with how the body turned out. I’ve built a 53 Buick Special and a 1940 Super Coupe. I like it when they don’t have wood. Hahaha. I’ll have to post a few pictures later. Steve
  2. Hey Ben, thank you. Yea I like to change mine up a bit but definitely keep the soul of the Buick. I’m new to this forum and I agree I feel like I never post where I’m supposed too. Sorry. But luckily enough of you guys know what you’re doing and have helped me out every time. This forum has been great to me. I live/build in Napa California. Thanks for your help steve
  3. Yes thats the adapter. And that’s what I was thinking would be best if there was no “bell housing” mounts used. That way the mounts weren’t so far apart. I noticed the exhaust will be tight but I’ll let my exhaust guy worry about that. Haha! I like your idea of mounting it in with the carburetors level. I think that’s what I’m going to do. I figured I’ll have some floor mortifications to make. Hopefully the X member will be okay. But I’ll cross that bridge. I already redid the leaf springs so there’s no shackles in the front anymore. My Buick is a coupe. Thanks again Steve
  4. Thank you. Far from 1941 😂😂 but I know what I have now. Steve
  5. Here’s the serial number. 70279534
  6. Thank you Ben. I appreciate you taking time and helping me out. Steve
  7. Hey Tom, yes you are correct. I wanted to put a newer with dual carbs straight 8 in my 1936 series 40. So I really appreciate your guidance. I am going to cheat and run a turbo 350 for my transmission. I ordered the adapter last week. So I’ll have to figure out that mount when the kit comes. Again. Thank you Steve
  8. Because of those mounting points on the block. It’s what made me feel like it’s a 1948.
  9. Where would the number be? Thanks Steve
  10. Thank you Ben. I planned on making my own motor mounts. I guess my next question for you would be. Can I make it mount on the side of the block or should I keep it mounted to the front? I just want to order the right parts and actually know what parts to order for the correct motor. Thank you for all all of your help Steve
  11. Okay. I’ll post a picture when I get home thank you
  12. Okay please don’t beat me for maybe asking a dumb question, but here it goes. So I bought what I was told a 41 248 motor. My question is I need motor mounts and to me this block seems to have a place where side motor mounts are supposed to go. I thought in 41 it still mounted in the front. Do I have a later block or how is this motor supposed to be mounted???? Im putting it in a 36 Buick that I’m building. Thanks for any help steve
  13. Hey Tom i did find that post and messaged him. Hopefully he’s checking it. Steve