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  1. Okay so today I took a look at the wiring that goes to ICM, CPS, and cam sensor. all the wires in the engine bay do not appear to have any damage. the only concerning item I saw was the A/C compressor plug was melted. I don't know if there was a short there at one point but it doesn't seem like it would concern my problem. I agree with Dave that it must be something tied to what I did to the car. the problem started with me touching the cam sensor and crank sensor. I removed the crank sensor today and it looks like there is no damage and it was aligned with the teeth on the harmonic balancer. is there something I might be missing with installing that?
  2. Okay thanks for the advise. I did replace the icm with a brand new one. I also put the old one back in with same exact symptoms. The cam sensor I changed twice with an autozone one and now an ac Delco one. Cam magnet is new and I checked and it’s still intact in the cam gear. So I will check the ide air control valve, check the o2 sensor, and cam sensor and get back to you. Thanks !
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    Code E41

    Hello! So I have a 1988 Buick Reatta With 110,000 miles on it. for a while I had a problem that if the car was warm, and I restarted the car, it would stall out once I put it in drive. I would have to restart it and slam on the gas for it to stay running, and after it would be fine. It would occasionally pop up code E41 cam sensor code. I decided to replace the cam and crank sensor at the same time. That's when the real problems began. now the E41 code will not go away. with the e41 code consistently on, once the car is warm it will stall while driving, and if I shut it off it will not restart until car is cold again. It also feels like it has 10HP and shakes badly when warm. I noticed that the cam magnet appeared to be in bad shape so I decided to replace the cam magnet, and while I was in there I changed the timing chain + gears. Still did not change anything. Checked wiring and the voltage was getting to the sensor (cam and crank). Replaced ECM and 10 inches of the cam sensor wiring just incase I damaged the wiring while replacing sensor. Still not did fix anything. The connectors that goes into ecm appears not be damaged, and in good shape. I am completely lost and after 8 months of trying to fix this. I don't know what to do. If anyone can shed a light on this and point me in the right direction, I would really apricate it! Other items done to car in last 2 years: replaced: IAC, MAF, ICM, all vacuum lines, spark plugs and wires, o2 sensor, intake manifold gasket, and PCV.