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  1. So here are some answers - I am the heir of this car and don’t plan on creating and “heirs” any time soon as I am 21 so for now it will just be for my personal enjoyment - I do have access to a full shop of a friends that does restorations but due to what has been stated here, even to add an aftermarket one I think will take away from the car. I this JZRIV said it best “That car represents what your grandfather chose at the time whether it be because of his likes or what the pocket book could afford. Consider the importance of "sentimental" reasons to maintain his choices at the time he purchased it. Back then, a 63 Riviera was a magnificent car to own....and still is. So much so that even then owning one with little options was prestigious......and still is!” - I think my new plan may be to just take it and convert the front brakes to disk brakes to make it stop a little better and look for some of the smaller accessories like the dash purse hook and I the makeup mirror and tissue box, maybe a factory tach, if I really feel up to it I may consider the cruise control but that wouldn’t Be till farther down the road when I have a shop of my own. The big project that will be next is the radiator core that has failed and I have heard that is a huge project. - I will probably buy a 63’ of similar options and color for a backup of parts - as of right now it goes through all the gears, starts no problem ( it was 9 degrees out when the picture was taken) just a quick squirt of starter fluid, brakes work well, the pedal won’t return so I need to figure that out but I can pull it back with my foot and the brakes will work. All the lights work, gauge cluster except clock works and once the car was started and condensation formed in the gauge with the fuel level and engine temp. - here is a photo from the other day when it was running
  2. This was it being pulled out of storage this year. The paint has gotten worse due to being stored in a barn with an unknown leak in the roof
  3. It was my grandfathers car so there is sentimental value. With that being said it won’t be sold just passed down. I want the car to be the very best version it can be. The car is very complete, runs and drives, and only has minor problems like it is in need of an alignment and is missing small things like one of the emblems on the door sill that says “body by fisher”. I am willing to do the work to add these options to make it more comfortable to drive and more of what he wished it had. I like the idea of finding a car with these options and transferring them. Unfortunately, my grandfather, one night back in the 70’s, was drunk and put it in a ditch so the front left fender, directional grille, and the front bumper and so the paint doesn’t match the rest of the car. It isn’t bad but it is a cream gloss and the rest of the he cars paint has been faded to white and the paint is starting to bubble. It is still just surface and non has turned to bad yet but I realize that I will also have to have it painted. That is somthing I would leave to a professional. It having been in an accident, not being a high optioned car I don’t feel bad upgrading it. I don’t want to add anything modern as I don’t want a resto mod, I just want to be able to add some options to make it a better driver. These old cars are meant to be run. And that is what I would like to do. Would anyone here ever had their Buick painted Andrew have an estimate of cost?
  4. I have been working on slowly making this car a real gem and want to add factory options that it didn't come with. I would like to add a factory air conditioning unit to it. I know I would have to replace parts of the dash but what else would be involved in that installation? I am ok with a decrease in gas milage i just want this to be the optioned out car that my grandfather wish he could have had. I would also like to add power windows, and cruise control. I know that I could take the power windows out of anther riviera and add them in with out too much hassle but I am wondering how many parts there are to the cruise control system. I would also like if possible to find the automatic head light dimmer system. My grandfather didn't have a lot of options but I would like to add as many as possible. let me know of places that I might be able to find these parts and information about installation or an expert I can talk to or call.