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  1. I know these are not for the 4 cylinder but an interesting read anyway.
  2. Bud The one for the Fageol went into Davids in the UK. Bob thanks for the PM I have replied with all the details you asked for. Hope this helps someone in need. Trevor Davis/Slopeed
  3. Did this ever get sorted. My 1927 International runs a 4 cylinder CT Lycoming. Trevor
  4. The rear main bearing on these engines do have the spiral return and drain tube. you can see the tube just to the right of the oil pump in above pictures. Terrys engine is missing the drain tube which wont be helping. His oil pump is in good condition so I didn't go into all the details with him about the conversion. I do run a couple of sites for the pre1940 international trucks and am still active on the oldihc site.
  5. Hi Bud Yes Speedtruck Bill, Al/Jackiedog29 (RIP) and myself were the ones on the Oldihc site that produced the oil pump conversion for the Lycoming engine. With the passing of Al only 6 adaptors were made and one of them did go into the Fegol Tractor. Mine has been running now since the restoration was completed in 2012 and done around 1500 miles since. Starts up and pumps at a steady 40psi. Terry has been in contact with me and I have passed on the information I have.