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  1. Ok, thanks. We picked up one similar at the Springfield Swapmeet; but it doesn't fit. It won't go down into the hole in the radiator shell. Maybe the radiator is lower than it should sit in the shell..?
  2. This one doesn't even have a radiator cap at this point.
  3. Can someone please post a picture of the correct Hood Ornament for a 35 Dodge Pickup? Please?
  4. Since our 35 Dodge KCL 2nd series pickup came with NO hubcaps, we are trying to determine the correct hubcaps. Dimensions, etc, pictures would be SO helpful.
  5. Dave, We are looking for several parts for a 35 Dodge 2nd series -so the cab parts are the same as 36. Need a 3-way seat and frame; can do some repairs to the frame. Bed Floor pan (we've contacted a local sheet metal shop; but he has yet to get back to us if he's able to do it), 5 hubcaps-appears they were only made 35,36-would accept repops if accurate, horn, front bumper bolt covers (the diamond shaped ones). Understand you're still on the road. Once you're home would appreciate your help. Thank you!!
  6. Keiser, When I type in the year and Dodge, it does not take me to any color charts. What am I missing?
  7. Looking for a 3-way seat for my 35 KCL cab-a 36 would also fit. Also a source for a truck bed floor pan-original is 3"X1/2" corrugated steel. And while I'm here-where the heck do you find vintage auto paint colors-wife doesn't like the original dark dark blue and the Kiltie green to too dark.
  8. My wife really likes the green color of your truck. I assumed that the K. Green on your build card is for Kiltie Green which is a very very dark green. What color did you use ?
  9. We need a replacement radiator cap. Does it need to be a pressurized cap?
  10. I did tell you that it is a 2nd series 35, 119” wheelbase, and yes, it has a Plymouth 46-48 motor that runs! And it was one of the last ones built in LA, CA. A little background is that shortly after we got married, we’d bought a 36 Dodge truck for 75.00 (it was only a 30 yr old truck at that time) Our parents pestered us to no end to get rid of it so after a while, we did. Regretted it ever since. Tried to find it a few times with no luck. So we are restoring this 35 KCL and loving every minute! It’s not the same truck; but close enough to make us happy! Thank you
  11. Hi Patrick. We bought this truck and did find the vin on the right side of the frame. There was a cab tag on the engine side of the firewall . Someone had mounted a regulator on top of that tag and removed the plate above it in order to attach the aftermarket horn. I just accidentally came across this picture! Crazy. If you find any other pieces-like the plate that was removed (I bet it was put in a safe place) or literature/pictures, I can’t wait to see if your uncle has any pictures or even stories as we’d emailed. Did your grandpa buy this truck new? The truck started right away and Alvin
  12. Pineville, MO. Found vin on right side frame just opposite of where you found yours. Someone said Chrysler was inconsistent with their vin locations.
  13. Do you have anymore info on this switch? Thread size? anything else?
  14. Vin is 9206186, front assembly tag or cab tag is the H-1-2-LR 6577. Shows to be toward the end of the KCL model 2nd series where only 2686 were produced.
  15. We found a Vin on the frame last night; but instead of being on the left side; it is on the right side.
  16. We've got these pages; thanks to this forum. What we thought was a vin tag is actually a cab plate with the plate above it missing-that would've had the vin. Cannot find any stamped vins on the frame. Think we'll have to have a vin in order to get the title.
  17. I’m new to this forum. Just purchased a 35 KCL 119” wheelbase . The only tag I’ve been able to locate is the firewall tag-I assume it’s a cab tag. It was missing the tag above it. # is H-1-2-LR 6577. Have looked all over the frame and not found the stamped VIN. Motor is Plymouth 46-48. No title. I could really use the vin numbers in order to get a title. Any help would be so appreciated.
  18. Bought this 35 KCL. Motor is a Plymouth 46-48 (thanks to the forums' charts). Finally found vin plate above the steering column behind a misplaced regulator. Can you give me more information or where to find more on this VIN: H-1-2-LR 6577. Thank you for any help.
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