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  1. Babcock was based in Watertown NY. They made most of the Ford comnercial bodies prior to 1925. And just to be clear, this wa not a Babcock Estate Car that Babcock purchased a chassis from ford for. There were 6 chassis shipped from Ford to Babcock in early June of 1926 to be assembled and sent back to Ford on an as needed basis. None were ever officially sent back. I have confirmed all of this with the Henry Ford. Babcock was also the makers of most of the Model T
  2. Thank you for your reply. This is not a car that was home made. It was delivered by Ford in 1926 to Babcock a month before the bankruptcy declaration. The body is stamped and the chassis is as well. It is well documented that Ford shipped these chassis to Babcock to be assembled on an as needed basis. One thing I have learned in life is that just because you have never heard of something it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  3. Bac15


    I have been researching Babcock for almost two years now. We have a 1926 Ford Model T with a Babcock Estate Body on it. There is a brass body tag on the body and a brand burned into the wooden canopy frame. Just this morning I finally got confirmation from Ford that it’s a prototype that was never delivered back to Ford. Kind of looks like a disgruntled employee may have just taken it when he got let go.
  4. Does anyone have any validated information on the production numbers for Dodge and Ford Babcock Bodied Estate cars in 1926? Also looking for a mounting diagram for the rear seat.
  5. I see a lot of people looking but no replies. Does no one have any info??
  6. I’m basically looking for any information I can get on the elusive 1926 Ford Model T Babcock Estate Car. How many? Where are they? Does anyone have pictures of the seat mounting, especially the rear seat slides? Side body moldings?