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  1. wow sounds like a lot of work !,, id be more inclined maybe to re-shape the doors
  2. .. liking the sound of tourer doors at this stage.. also I suspect its a tourer cowl..
  3. great pics Dwollam .. mine didn't come with dash just a hole,, its good to know difference though !.. lots to work through !
  4. Cool I had read the doors were a different length ,, My 23 Coupe is around 4 - 5" wider at the top of the rear door... I understand the roadster is 49" at this point ..
  5. ok ..here goes... vertical - height 1 1/2" width 1 5/8" depth of pocket 1 1/8" am I right in thinking Roadster doors are 2" longer than Tourer .. and they so different Tourer doors cant be "adjusted " to fit a Roady by a skilled bodyman .. (such as myself :-))
  6. Thanks DeSoto.. existing mounts ' are 3 /12" long, ID of 7/8" or (91mm x 23mm id) thanks
  7. Dwollam,, definitely round door bottoms on the cowl hinges are definitely inside the bodywork ... just found this post while searching google for an example - doors as shown here https://forums.aaca.org/topic/282477-fs-pre-1923-dodge-brothers-touring-doors/ on the passengers side of the firewall there is a body number stamped that reads "577007" a thing I thought odd as well, was the factory screen mount support - where screen posts bolt to- seem to allow a reasonable slope backwards . I always thought the screen was more-or-less vertical :: any more help to id the cowl would be great ! oh did I mention im looking for screen posts?? thanks Alex
  8. are the leatherbacks rare in the US?? Its my understanding \, that only 26 of my coupe were imported into New Zealand way back in the 1920's so parts here are very hard to come by. when i first got it (leatherback) I verified the age via the engine number as being a 23.. the frame was too rusted out to confirm ( if there is a visible difference between the 2 years . I be happy to say its a 22 --) a chap I I know offered as much as I paid for the whole thing for the chassis and running gear. ive seriously considered rodding this one because unless I can get a tub/trunk from another one despite my previous career choice as a bodyman it will never be an original perfect coupe.. but having the roadster cowl is an appealing option..
  9. hi everyone .. im looking for a bit of help with my project .. as the title suggests, im hoping someone can help me locate a pair of screen posts, and the 2nd thing im looking for is.. How wide is the body on a roadster at the back of the doors please?? all I have is a cowl .. but I do have a rotten old coupe body (with no trunk at all) that may be able to contribute to the roadster project any thing would be great !! thanks Al