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  1. Car is still available. Dropped the price to 30K. Thanks Frank
  2. Keiser31. Thanks for the info. Marcapra. My convertible doesnt adjust. Not sure about the others.
  3. 1932 Desoto convertible. It is in great shape. Has rumble seat and is very original. No rust. New top. Runs great $35000. Car is located in Queen Creek AZ. You can call or text me at 480-599-5546 or email Can send more pictures Thanks Frank
  4. Thanks for the tip. Ordered it today.
  5. Hi I am looking for the original colors for the high and low beam wires on a 32 Desoto convertible. Mine are old and want to replace them. Thanks Frank
  6. You can find it on Ebay at.
  7. Does anyone know if 31 or 32 tail light brackets will work on a 33. I need a pair for my car. I have the housings and lens, but need the bracket. if anyone has them please let me know. Thanks for the help. Frank
  8. Hi I recently got a 39 Lasalle convertible and am having trouble with the shifter. I know it is missing a part but dont know what to call it or if it is more then one part. I enclosed a picture of what i have. If anyone has a diagram or the part i need please let me know. Thanks Frank
  9. Thanks for the great info. I just got a 33 and a 39 Lasalle. They needs some work but are rock solid. Theyll be fun projects
  10. Hi, I am looking for the braces that go from the grill to the fender. I am also in need of any interior pictures anyone has. Mine is in bad shape and missing many pieces. Thanks Frank
  11. Hi, I am looking for the rear jump seats for a 1939 Lasalle convertible. Any pictures anyone has of the interior would be super helpful too. The car I just bought is missing the door panels and rear seats. Thanks for the help. Frank