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  1. Man, I am glad I reached out to you guys. I accidentally put in the wrong link.... I decided to not look at the 56 special. I am thinking about driving to FL to check out the 53 Ford Vic this week. Had a good conversation with the guy today. However, that link ya’ll just sent about the 54 century model looks appealing.
  2. Think I’m going to go take a peak at my first vehicle this week to get my feet wet. I won’t buy anything without ya.... To be continued... Anybody have any thoughts about pricing or quality or raise your hand if you think this is a good first purchase (assuming it all checks out)?
  3. After spending hours looking, I think I would be most interested in a convertible mustang, corvair or firebird, as I like gong fast. However, I already have a fun, fast convertible, soooooo I’m not sure. Convertibles on these cars appeal to me, but know I would get a better car altogether in my price range if I go with the coupe. I have almost decided I’m tired of all the red on these car.. On the other hand.... I have almost decided until I’m on my second or third and want to drop 50+K on my Belair, or 63 split window, I may pursue some other things..... I saw a few cars that caught my interest. An Oldsmobile 88, a 56 Buick Special, and a few Fords... I really like the Ford Victoria ALOT. I’m going to reach out to the owner. Of all the cars, I’ve seen, this appears to be one that I could feel good about the purchase..... Assuming it truly inspects well.
  4. Think I’m going to go take a peak at my first vehicles this week to get my feet wet. I won’t buy anything without ya.... To be continued...
  5. Thank you all again. I don’t really mind to travel. I have connections 😉 at Delta. Again, will have to consider the shipping home. Wow, lots of food for thought. I will have an inspector take a look at whatever car I’m thinking about, hopefully referred by a fellow AACA member. Thanks for checking out some things for me and passing them along. I think the search makes for a good reality show.
  6. I actually really like this one. I’m definitely going to check this out.
  7. I actually reall like that. Is that close to you?
  8. Cash and I’d like to stay around 20. This is my first car...... Yes, I know you are kidding. I like the style... Of course I am a girl and love the salmon.... I forgot why some people didn’t like this car..... . I I would be interested in the Oldsmobile. Can you send me the link? I’m not opposed to anything. I guess I want the ultimate cool and classy car.... It make take some time to get my ultimate, but I want a great starter if possible. I do live near Atlanta, so going to car shows, I need something that can handle traffic, if possible. I am out on the Jeepster. It’s nice, but going that slow would frustrate me. I was going to have my dad go look at the turquoise Belair, but most of you agree it’s not worth it? Thx
  9. Thank you again for all of your advice. I truly appreciate you taking the time to write and express your opinions. I live in GA, north of Atlanta and will look for a car club to join. The links I shared were ones that caught my attention and I could see myself enjoying. However, having you all look at the pictures, I feel like I will keep looking and definitely reach out to Mr. Hawrood. I may check out the corvair and the “Jeepster” (supposedly in Concours condition). Honestly, the salmon Chevy suits my personality the best. Thanks again for your time. This is a great community.
  10. So, my post from yesterday dissapeared. I have no idea... II wanted to start looking at cars in person and these are the ones that I found of most interest. Would anyone be willing to offer input? Oh and the 50’s Willy’s Jeepster has $35,000 in it (so he says, but he’s 86 and said he’s on his way out, so hopefully honest) and he is selling it for 20. Thank you for your help.