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  1. Hi Guys, Can I just say thanks for all the help and information that I have received so far from everybody on this forum, and the net, I really love the internet when it helps people from all corners of the planet. Lets keep these old vehicles going. Cheers Terry
  2. Hi ya, we're on the Isle of Wight, UK ☺
  3. Hi John, Thanks for your help I shall monitor the oil 😉, we do have windows for the front sides but they are in the storage trunk with the side curtains, it also has a screen to go across the back of the front seats to help inclose the rear passenger area. I'll try to find some pictures. Thanks Terry
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the help, the oil leak I thought was coming from the rear of the engine to be more arcuate from the hole in the flywheel cover and I was thinking it was coming from the sump pan crank oil seal, but I have been told that this engine does not have an end crank seal and will leak if the oil pan is too full. This car and engine is all new to me but I am learning and its great fun to drive. Cheers Terry
  5. Hi guys, I've just brought a 1923 Gardner which has a Lycoming CE engine in it that has an oil leak and was wondering if anybody knows anything about these engines Thanks for any help. Terry.
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