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  1. Hi Mark here, aka as foxtail or car fox. I have a 1936 Chrysler airstream with most of the bells and whistles of that era. (including a working clock and radio) I am responding to this, since I noticed that one of the pictures shows a radio installed under the dash, although it is in the right place it is not the correct radio for this car the one I saw looks similar to a 37 ford radio. If anyone has questions about the radio,or the car contact me at 407-390-9710 or 407-495-8169 Note my car can be seen on you tube as 1936 Chrysler blue at old town.
  2. Hello, Mark aka carfox here. I have the 1936 Chrysler airstream featured on youtube as 1936 Chrysler blue at old town. I recently have been to Hershey 2019 searching parts for my car especially tail light bezels parts and lenses (they are as plentiful as gold in a silver mine) it seems hot rodders and motorcycle enthusiasts have scarfed up every one on the planet. If someone wants to sell you one, prepare to take a second mortgage on your house. (check E-bay) they want $750.00 and that does not include shipping, and they are in unrestored condition. If anyone has any tail light parts ex
  3. carfox Try doing a compression check, and check for a stuck heat riser (located in exhaust manifold) or a clogged exhaust system.
  4. Carfox aka foxtail. I own a 1936 Chrysler airstream, ( It's currently on Utube as 1936 Chrysler blue at old town). Since I've owned this car since 1996 I know a lot about it, and will help with advice and part sources if I can. Note; I need a steering box for mine, if anyone knows where I can locate one please let me know. Phone 407-390-9710 or 407-495-8169 email Foxtail36Pont@yahoo.com. my name is Mark
  5. CAR FOX There is a gentleman that makes the running board rubber mats they are not 100% authentic but, are a close copy also they are expensive. Also I would like an extra set of brake shoes and tail light lenses for my car. If anyone has any extras they wish to sell I'm interested. Phone # 407-390-9710 or 407- 495- 8169. Note I know a lot about this car, due to trial and error, if anyone wants to call me feel free. Maybe we can help each other. Mark
  6. Hello, My name is Mark my car is featured on you tube under 1936 Chrysler air stream. Parts are difficult but not impossible to find (example, tail light lenses and bezels not to mention brake shoes). If it's not a model A or a 57 chevy no one wants to carry parts for other cars. I however do have some connections. If anyone wishes to contact me phone # is 407-390-9710
  7. I've recently have had trouble with the brakes on my 1936 Chrysler airstream. I found replacements on the internet, but they were the incorrect Chrysler used a 11' shoe on this car called a #98 they changed the design after WW2 and, they are not interchangeable. A gentleman in Michigan manufactures the correct ones for the pre war cars
  8. For headlights or lenses seek a gentle man named Donald Axelrod in Massachusetts, he is the headlight man
  9. I have read horror stories of people trying to remove the headlight lens and the chrome ring around it from a Chrysler, Nash, or Studebaker with disasterous results call me Mark (aka foxtail) I can help with this and many questions regarding these cars phone 407-390-9710 or 407-495-8169
  10. Hi my name is Mark and I am new to this, I have a 1936 Chrysler airstream (it can be seen on you tube site 1936 Chrysler blue at Old town). I know allot about this car, and I am willing to share and trade information. I also have several other cars 1927 Nash , 1936 Pontiac 1957 Metropolitan (parts car) 1960 Metropolitan, and several AMC concords. I a m always seeking information tech information and tips, also I will share my knowledge with anyone who seeks it.my email is Foxtail36Pont@yahoo.com However I prefer contact by phone. 407-390-3710
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