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  1. I have the carburetor in for a rebuild but heat riser is needing replacement.casting shot. Cant read numbers so here is a picture
  2. Here are more pictures of what I'm looking for. Been swamped lately will reply shortly.
  3. Looking for a replacement. Not having any luck. HELP! this site bails me out all the time..in a time crunch need running by July 4th. ..thanks
  4. Where is the best place to get a 1928 marvel updraft carburetor rebuilt/restored
  5. It is the oil filter/pressure guage spliter. I sacked the threads out but it is still attached in the motor somehow
  6. Have an issue with the tee that splits oil to filter and guage. Threads are bad. I unscrewed it from the block but still attached? What now? Where do I get one? Thanks
  7. I figured it out, but have to pull it apart tomorrow and grease it up, I just put oil on it
  8. I took possession of a 1928 American Lafrance with a buick strait 6 in it, sent it to the shop for repairs and when they removed the fuel pump the couldn't find a replacement. Well I got one now I dont know how the rod goes in to make it work......help..... Captain Corey Clark, Osceola Fire
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